The tuesday thread

Surprised this thread title hasn’t been used before.

Anyway, it’s tuesday. Hit me up with all your fantastic tuesday-ness. I might have a haircut at lunchtime. That’s the best I’ve got. For now at least.

Morning Rob et al!

Today is my first working day since the end of June so I’ll be sorting out my calendar and deleting things from my inbox.

It’s also results day but most of my students should get the same grades I recommended before the summer so I am not worried.


Good morning!

Got up before 6 for my first day in the office in over a year. All ready to go, make up on, grabbed my phone from the side of the bed ready to head out and the six year old sat up, said “my tummy hurts” and threw up into my hands.

So that’s a sign I should never go back to the office.


off out walking in the peaks today, hoping the weather gods will smile on me. gonna drink three cups of coffee first though. :sunglasses:


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See you there!!

(We are going to Bakewell)


hope you’re getting a tart

can’t concentrate already

i’ll wave from mam tor

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Can’t disagree with that

Oh walk. Yeah that too

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Don’t like them…marizpan isn’t it. I wonder if they have treacle.


Plus a high chance of horrible waxy cherry on top

Bad tart


There’s an excellent bakery in Bakewell that does exceptional bread, i’ll try remember what it’s called. Also a nice little record store there too :slight_smile:

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These kittens are 9 weeks old today and are absolute terrors - tearing the place to pieces, pushing things off surfaces, trying to escape at any opportunity - can’t even have any windows open

I’m supposed to be wfh today but between this lot and the 8yo it is impossible

Also, it seems like everything I’ve ordered online in the last 5 weeks has decided that today is the day for delivery so I’ve been answering the door every half hour too

Might buy a DSLR and an extra lens that are going fairly cheap in a pawnbrokers auction …otherwise any plans are subject to the random feline chaos factor


This train appears to be calling at loads of completely made up northern towns. Reckon they’re having me on tbh.

Had to dash for my train and didnt have time to grab a coffee. Livid.

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i’m going to go buy a big black t shirt and then do some work

Hello from the Stockholm archipelago! Massive thunderstorms yesterday, no such luck today!


It’s probably pretty telling that the best part of my day will be a blood test
#ihateyouwork! #crymeariver

i could probably put up with being there. you know, if i had to.