The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


Interview with NME the other day suggests January for the new album:


Bush Hall for the London show!


I’m very late to catch on to these guys- saw them at the cure on satuday and was so, so impressed. Definetly will be catching this tour.



It’s a belter but possibly not quite as good as another new track “VTR” that they’ve played live recently:


Interesting they’ve moved off Fat Cat to RA.


Absolutely having this!

Hurry up and announce the Barras show and album and aye, obviously I’ll still be at the Liquid Rooms gig ffs.


Ah - so glad to have them back. They burned Primavera down, and I’ll definitely be seeing them in London. Liking the new track. Really wish we were getting the album sooner, but hey.

Interesting news on the label move. I hope it’s a shift towards a more sustainable future for the band: Mogwai have got to be great mentors in building a huge live following independently - and the scale of Twilight Sad’s impending tour maybe speaks to that. Anyone who’s seen them on stage knows they deserve it.


was surprised they’d left FatCat until i saw they’ve joined Rock Action, makes sense


I think it is a perfect fit. Errors always seemed absolutely perfect on the label.


Absolute radio-silence from Errors over the past few years, sadly. Would love them to record/tour again.

If it’s to enable closer working/mentoring with Mogwai and allow for greater creative flexibility then great, but in many ways Fat Cat are the larger label with other advantages I’d imagine.


They were fantastic at the Brudenell the other week. All the new songs are ace.


The singer used to work at Rock Action part-time didn’t he? Back in the days when the band couldn’t really sustain them with a living. They seem to be doing so well now off the back of The Cure gigs and critical reception of that last LP.


James Graham works for Rock Action, doesn’t he, so makes sense.




Been dying to see them for years… last album is killer from start to finish, one of my few 10/10 albums.


Had heard a while back that Fat Cat aren’t the best at paying bands very well* maybe their deal was up and RA offered them something better?

(* my source on this is definitely not solid, Fat Cat might be a GBOL)


Guessing there will be a more extensive UK tour next year. Getting to London on a Tuesday night will be a right pain. Might still do it though.


Also super glad this is happening as I remember just before the last LP came out they played Soup Kitchen in Manchester and James seemed a bit down on the band’s future when my TV interviewed him.


I’ve seen them loads of times over the years so maybe I mustn’t grumble but given what seems to have been a massive raising of their profile recently, Bush Hall seems a nail-bitingly small venue to get tickets for…