The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


I’ve been hugely old fashioned with this release and avoided all the preview songs and videos; can’t wait for Friday and I hope Rock Action are prompt sending out the limited vinyl edition! I’m probably one of those rare TTS fans that considers No One Can Ever Know their dark masterpiece, so any hint of a return to that mood is A.OK with me…


This is getting incredible reviews across the board. I really hope it’s the album that manages to take them up a level.


Sure that a number of you have seen this but they are doing a bunch of instores across January. Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, Bristol etc.

Aiming to make Bristol Rough Trade. The website says something about a ‘stripped back set’. Not sure whether that means acoustic or as a three piece.


James and Andy only.


Fingers crossed. Would be fully deserved.


I’m looking forward to this more than any other album in recent years. Properley buzzing!


I ordered the blue lp with signed slipmat from Monorail so hope they come at least on Saturday.


No One Can Ever Know was the album that sparked my obsession with them. Listened to it day in day out for the best part of that year and still can’t get over how coldly people view it, particularly when I think their recent, more lauded efforts are continuations of that sound.

V excited for the newie.


I can’t begin to express how disgusted I am to be missing them in London. We’re booked to do something else that night and the wife won’t let me cancel. Tell me internet, is this grounds for divorce? :confused:


100%, get rid.


Going back to NOCEK it has some of my fave songs - Dead City and Nil are top drawer for me. I also like how much it stands out with that very spacious production and how intense it is. It has one of my favourite endings to an album also, with the instruments dropping out with James pushing out those final lyrics.


It’s really deserving of a critical reappraisal. If they begin to break through on this album it will be amazing for people just discovering them - literally four fucking blinders behind them.

Also hoping that after the five year(!) gap between this and the last, that they’ve already been working on the follow up and can get it out faster, but I should just concentrate on this for now…


It’s a very good album, the problem is only that all their other albums are better.


I agree re NOCEK, maybe my fave of their albums to date and if they were to do a full album show of any album I’d probably choose that one. Shame they’ve not played Another bed or KIITM live for ages have they?


Another good review (in more than one sense):


nah not since that album tour. KIITM was a sensational show opener as well.


On my first listen


I’m out of the country so was getting up just as this was dropped on Spotify. Really enjoyed my first couple of listens - feels like a middle ground between No One Can Ever Know and Forget The Night Ahead, which are my two favourite albums of theirs.


Yeah you’re probably right re it being somewhere in the middle of those two. Need a few more listens.


First listen and it’s obviously great.

Feeling at the moment is not as good as the last one but it’s only the first listen. Just great to have them back and on form as ever.