The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


Fucking amazing band and great lads, always brilliant live. Hoping some Irish shows get added. Couldn’t be happier for them getting some well deserved success and attention. Just need a release date for the album now :slight_smile:


They said that around the last record they felt they’d played it out. Made sense, but this jew shit sounds like a new gear! Fuck.





First time seeing them was at the Cure gig on Saturday. I’ll be front and center for the next London gig.


Just wait until you see them in a small venue…amazing! (Presume Bush Hall is?)


Catchiest negative vibes around. They have such a knack of lodging these almost unpleasant things in your head and making them delicious. Can’t wait to see 'em.




Not listened to this album in ages. Still amazing

How old is James? I remember getting the first album on CD when I was 16/17. So, 10 or 11 years ago?


They said in an NME interview yesterday that it’s out in January.

Expecting more tour dates post-release


The last album felt like a combination of the previous two so I can understand them not being sure where to take things next


bush hall is absolutely great (and yes, quite small)


New song is great. Last month at The Brudenell was fantastic.

Love this band so much


Holy shit, this is impressive.


Early 30s ish?


Yeah I thought they were already on rock action and this announcement was gonna be them setting up a subsidiary of rock action.

Think out lines was on rock action.


aye, the two weekends before Xmas pls


I’ve seen them 13 times but it’s been a few years now, I’m all over that Edinburgh gig. So happy to have them back.


Has anyone who signed up had an email about the presale starting in 15 mins? Nothing here but maybe will arrive at 9?


Ignore me - email arrived and tickets booked for London. Can’t wait.