The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour

i didn’t move to Belfast til September that year actually!

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We should probably do a Belfast DiS night out some time

another glasgow show before the year is out. would guess Academy? mentioned at the quay sessions tonight.

The Academy? Never.

30 Nov is the date I believe but don’t know on venue.

Doesn’t quite feel like Christmas unless I go and have a greet at a Twilight Sad gig these days.

From last night.

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Possibly End Of The Road?

Glasgow gig I think.

Why is everyone on Twitter saying EotR? Is this solid? Hold them off for next year I can’t afford this year!

Beirut pulled out a few weeks ago and EOTR have said there’s announcement for replacement this week

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The Twilight Bois are in the midst of a US tour over that weekend it would seem.

And I know Beirut have pulled out (which sucks for anybody going) but are all teh EotR fans just jumping on any band with an announcement now?

Yep, I’m fairly sure that’s what it is. Shame, as would have loved TTS at EOTR.

Academy probably?

still a few dates available for the barras in December too

Yeah but they’ve already done it haven’t they? “Biggest gig announcement” sounds like something else. Unless they’re announcing 2x nights, which I’m all for.

Fan page on FB seems to be fixated on the idea of there being a special Glasgow gig on 30th November.

They’re signing Lukaku


Dybala was first choice but he wanted a crazy amount of Tunnock’s teacakes.

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I think it’s going to be an Edinburgh announced this week, then Glasgow another time.