The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


Missed it by a few mins, presale now sold out for London :frowning:


That’s mental!


To be honest, the venue is so small (capacity 425), I think the pre allocation would probably only amount to 50ish tickets.
I really really hope I have better luck tomorrow!


Same for Edinburgh, wasn’t quick enough and presale gone. Will try again tomorrow.

Just saw them at the weekend so won’t be gutted if I miss it cos I know they’ll do Glasgow shows, kinda want to take the TV to see them though.


Nice to see theyre back. Have seen them may 8-9 times over the years and they’ve always been brilliant (Freebutt in Brighton and tripping the
sound limiter numerous times sticks in my head, joint tour with Errors does too) so nice to hear the reports of their recent live shows being top.

Won’t be able to see them anytime soon, but wish I could


Dice have an allocation - on sale tomorrow.


Somewhat maudlin post alert, but The Twilight Sad were my wife’s favourite band. We experienced TTS for the first time at a Mogwai gig, fell instantly in love with them and saw them another 9-10 times over the next 5 years. She died of cancer last year, and as much as I wanna see the Sad again, I’m not sure sure it’ll feel right going without her. Decisions etc.


Use Dice, See tickets just went straight to sold out.


Went through myticket but that seemed to be See too. Anyway managed to get a couple. Phew


Looks like Edinburgh tickets are already gone on ticketmaster, luckily I managed to grab a couple. Really chuffed for them if they’ve managed to sell it out that quickly.


Massive love to you, that’s hearbreaking.


Looks like Bush Hall already gone. Guess I’ll have to wait for (hopefully) more UK dates post release.


So sorry for your loss, man. Can only imagine how hard it would be to see them and yet maybe you’d find some of it uplifting… in a way? Maybe one day. :heart:


Edinburgh tickets secured this morning. Cannot wait.


cheers folks, you’re very kind :heart:


Supporting mogwai on a UK tour



To me TTS are just the epitome of how a band make being a fan of music such as this so enjoyable. They’ve been spot on everytime I’ve seen then (about 7 or so I think).

Are bigger things going to happen next year do we reckon? it would be great to see them play even slightly larger venues such as they have the sound and the presence to fill them certainly.


Really hope so. It’s been a long time since the last - and I assume the album’s in the can? That they’re not releasing until early next year maybe indicates they’re hoping to really nail a campaign rather than just get it out?

Agreed there’s an old school kind of excitement around their releases for me. Like, going to a record shop and pouring over the artwork kind of excitement.


With every release i think to myself ‘this is their time’ but they still tour the same venues (the Fleece in Bristol). However, since the last album they will have gained massive exposure touring with the Cure etc. I cannot believe they did not explode into the ‘big time’ following their last album. Its just perfect.

Anyway, bagged myself tickets for them and Mogwai in Cardiff and i cannot wait