The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


I think ultimately being a fairly un-known band and having such a steady climb has benefited them as they have always found a solid sound of their own on each album but really I can’t imagine they’d ever do anything than that which they’d set out to as they’re obviously very focused.

There 's lots of points of comparison with some shoegaze and post-punk bands but really I think their sound is pretty unique - it’s still surprising how many people I speak to who I know are into the aforementioned genres but have not heard TTS.


Hopefully loads more perfect match fans ie Cure fans have now heard them and love them and are spreading the word. Have noticed since the Cure tour they have managed to be even better live and also the audience seems more into it (seen one or two shows before that where the band were amazing but only a few people were singing along/reacting much).

I only discovered them on a recommendation of a friend and we went to see them play Summer Sundae in Leicester - one of those amazing rare moments when you know within a few notes you are going to love the band having never heard anything before (the only other time that has happened to me in last decade or so was with Protomartyr). Basically, what live music is all about.


There will be a step up in venue size next year, they’ve already intimated as much.
Pity though that BBC 6 Music is yet to pick up on this track.


Good news they’re gaining more ground. I know some fans have that ‘they don’t belong to me any more’ attitude when their favourite bands get bigger but really think a band like TTS are so ready for the next step up in venue size after 4 albums.

I think they did 76 dates with the Cure so must have gained them a fair few fans of the back of that.


4 years without a new album. Doing alreet.


Just spotted the Amsterdam gig there is a Saturday. Now there’s a good weekend in November sorted.


New song streaming. Album details as well. “It Won/T Be Like This All The Time”


Have you got a link ?


Yeah song on Spotify (sounding good!) but can’t find album announcement!



They’ve just tweeted - Jan 18th. Can’t wait.



Not a fan of the weird ‘/’ thing going on.


Ha - feels a bit like the kind of finishing touch you make to a project when you’ve had LOTS of time.


Holy shit that song is brilliant


Yep - absolutely superb track.

What a band. Absolutely adore them.


So good


Would recommend this mix/interview podcast, it’s good but the back end is not a cheery listen.


New tracks are sooo good :black_heart: Can’t wait for Bush Hall.


Listening to this now - James seems like such a nice bloke.


Also to add re: his concern about wondering what the right thing to do is on things like their Frightened Rabbit cover. Seeing it at Primavera was a joyous, life affirming, wonderful thing for me. Meant the world.