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Yep, said the same after the Brudenell gig about Keep Yourself Warm. Could have been so maudlin but it was just so joyous.

Incidentally, that Brudenell show was one of the most magical gigs I’ve ever been to. Wonderful, wonderful band in a brilliant venue.

Good session on 6Music last night btw.


Barras sold out in five minutes. amazing! finally getting the recognition.


Decided not to get tickets because I’m seeing hem at Liquid Rooms in December.

… i am a fucking idiot.


nightmare! i managed to get the pre sale ones this time. there will be plenty kicking about closer to the time though.


Fucking made up for them - seeing them in London but nothing’s gonna go off like that Barrowlands gig.


The a cappella start to Cold Days from the Birdhouse there in 2015 was an absolute spine tingling, tears in the eyes moment. One of my favourite ever gigs.

I am definitely going to ball when they cover Keep Yourself Warm.


Yeah, hopefully just pick up something closer to the time on twickets or something. If not, I’ve seen them plenty but… the barras! It’ll be something else.


Well now…

(Pals are the best)


Got tickets for me and my wife in the presale for barras


Do you reckon they will add a second night at the Barras?


If Keano is in then I’m in!


Classic Keano!


don’t think so




So pleased for them that they sold out the Barras so quickly, this’ll be the third time I’ve seen them there. Really heartwarming to see the progression from not quite selling it out on the NOCEK tour, to selling it out on the last album and now instantly selling it out. I’m very tempted by a wee jaunt down to Leeds for the tour with Mogwai.

James came into my work for lunch with his family recently and I totally shat out of saying hello. What’s the protocol for things like that? Is it intrusive to be like hello I love you


I think he would have looked awkward but probably actually really liked you saying it


Probably wouldn’t if someone is with family personally.


Saw them last night in New York on their US tour, first time seeing them and I cried when they covered Keep Yourself Warm. Incredible. IMG_0694


Seeing them in Paris next Saturday. Cannae wait.


Going to the Bush Hall show at end of month then Gorilla in Feb. Can’t wait to hear the two new singles live.