The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


First time for me will be supporting Mogwai. First time seeing them too. Cannot wait.


Fantastic gig in Paris this evening. New songs sounded great.


another new tune


Really digging the new stuff but part of me wishes we weren’t hearing so much ahead of time…


Agree with this so much.


Been looking forward to this one since they did it at Brudenell in June.


Support slots with Mogwai this week. Two of my favourite bands, should be quality. Hope TTS get a good amount of stage time. Off to Leeds on Saturday.

On a side note, realised the first time I saw Mogwai was supporting the Manics at shithole called Chester Northgate centre in 1998. And I fucking hated them at the time. Must have seen them 7-8 since. Cool story, eh?




If anyone has or sees a pair of unwanted tickets for the Liquid Rooms gig can you give me a shout? Very much regretting missing out! There doesn’t seem to be a FB group for the gig which has been my usual way of getting resell tickets lately


I’m there too. Can’t wait to see both bands. I would think TTS will get about 45 minutes. Hope Mogwai play My Father, My King. Do they always tend to play it?


There’s an unofficial Facebook group here , if you join that then you’ll be able to see this event “Liquid Room Tickets For Sale”

Most recent post on that event is this , but don’t know how reliable gumtree is for tickets.


What neilmbrown said, join the Fans of The Twilight Sad on Facebook.


and @beastie, In case you’re not aware, the Leeds date is quite an early gig as the O2 has a 10pm curfew on Saturdays. Set times were published yesterday, Twilight Sad are due on 7:15 - 8:00, Mogwai are on 8:30 - 10pm

Looking forward to it!


Actually can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a gig, two of my favorite bands tonight in a venue that holds 750 people. Not sure I’ll ever see Mogwai in a venue any smaller again.


Thanks for the info mate.


Sure most of you probably own most of the stuff already, but FatCat have all the Twilight Sad albums on sale for Black Friday.

14 Autumns and Nobody wants to be here LPs are £15, Forget The Night Ahead is £9


Ah cool, thanks - I’ve been meaning to pick up a copy 14 Autumns on Vinyl for a while. :+1:


Yeah, I’m kinda ashamed that I’ve never owned it (got it on CD). Seem to remember there was an expensive RSD press or 10th anniversary press that I couldn’t be bothered paying for but looks like they repressed a standard version it this year.

Same goes for the Jetpacks debut which I also just swiped.


Think I got my RSD version for £19 (including demos), 7 weeks after rsd. Not that expensive really


Thanks for this, I just snagged Forget the Night Ahead for £8.79, the only one I’ve not got on vinyl.

While I was there I also got Traams 2nd LP on orange vinyl for £9 and the repress of Frightened Rabbit’s Midnight Organ Fight for £15! :slight_smile: :+1: