The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


Will be there with carmen. Keep yer eyes peeled!


They were a good band.


Excellent! :+1:


The lead singer ran an independent shoe shop in my home town, and ran an indie night for a few years, until the club was burnt to the ground. Great bunch of GBOLs


Looking forward to seeing them again tonight in Leeds, supporting Mogwai.


Hhhhmmm, maybe I just missed the boat :thinking: might have sold out quickly up here in Jockland and that’s why I’m salty?


They’re on at 19.15

Early gig tonight


Aye and the habitual Northern Trains Saturday strike.


Saw them supporting Mogwai tonight. Wasn’t a fan before but can’t wait to get into their albums tomorrow. Can’t believe I had such a big lump in my throat throughout a band I had no real connection to. Amazing stuff.


Ah that’s amazing. My first gig with gf toooo many years ago was twilight sad supporting Mogwai and we both became big fans. Most will recommend the debut as the high point but I love the post punk moodiness of their last album, and that probably represent their live set atm best.


yep, my first Sad experience was also at a Mogwai gig with my late wife, and we both fell head over heels in love with them there and then. We didn’t know it till afterwards, but that night was the first and last time we’d hear them play “Cold Days At The Birdhouse” in the gigantically oppressive Stuka bomber style as heard on “Here, It Never Snowed. Afterwards It Did.” One of those bittersweet situations where nothing else can live up to that first perfect occasion :confused: :slight_smile:


They were fantastic last night.
Bigger stages really suit them


They were amazing last night, proper tingles down the spine when they did the cover of FR’s Keep Yourself Warm.


They got better with each song last night and I think they were genuinely surprised so many had turned up early to see them. Can’t wait to see them on their own tour.


Who’s off to see them tomorrow? Really grateful for this smaller gig at Bush Hall as I’ll be away for their bigger show in Feb.

Anyone been to Bush Hall before? Looks fun!


Me. Never been to Bush Hall but looks really nice from photos.


I’m going. Been to Bush a few times. It’s a nice spot and there are some nice beers behind the bar, which makes a change.

Has anyone seen the stage times by any chance?


Me too. Can’t find any stage times yet.


I also haven’t managed to see if there’s a support act…


Don’t think there is.