The Twilight Sad - New music, label, tour


They were bloody great in Brighton on Sunday. Can’t remember seeing many more rapturously received support slots, or any that have felt more like the main set in terms of people’s reaction towards them.

Looking forward to tonight.


Support is Michael Timmons on at 8. TTS at 9 (someone asked the band on Twitter).


Having listened to Michael Timmons, I think I hate him.

Thanks for the heads up :smiley:


He’s playing now and I do hate him. :grinning:


I like him! Got great spot by side of stage. Lovely venue.


That was everything I hoped it would be.


Amazing…especially the VTR into Wrong Car bit.



Got tickets for Electric Ballroom in Feb and am hyped. First time seeing them with my beloved as well!


I’ve probably seen thousands of bands in my life, and I’ve seen the Twilight Sad several times before, but no set has been as devastating and as unifying as tonight’s show.


It was incredible. I’ve also seen them loads (although not a while, I realised) but I’ve never experienced all those waves of spontaneous applause before at any gig - was something very special.


I don’t know how or why the band was so stoic about the whole thing. I’m guessing it’s their thing.
The roar after Videograms was incredible.
Would have loved to see the backstage reaction after the gig :joy:


I’m not sue I’d ever describe James Graham as stoic !
The contrast between him and the rest of the band is always fascinating.
I remember at the end of the last Barrowlands gig, he (James) was in bits on the floor whilst Andy walked off stage like he was nipping down the Off Licence.


If his onstage demeanour is genuine (and I’ve no reason at all to think it isn’t) playing must take everything out of him. Even before Scott passed it seemed like he was covered in sweat by the end and in a state of exhaustion and amazement at the crowd response.


Just realised that after seeing them 7 times in 5 years from 08-13, I haven’t seen them at all in the last 5! :open_mouth:

Not making it to the Edinburgh gig sadly, which from all accounts will be incredible. But already very stoked to get some tickets for Barrowlands in March (which are already sold out of course, good for them!)

Also don’t think I connected at all with the last album so will give me a chance to dive back in and rediscover them.


Neither would I! :smiley: I don’t know he can lean into that level of intensity every night, it must be exhausting mentally and physically.
I was talking about the rest of the band who I don’t think smiled once. :open_mouth:


That sounds about right !


decided to go see them live despite having listened to them a couple of weeks ago, seem like quite a good band. surprised by the massive turnout they got in brussels


Scott’s brother Grant has been tour managing them on this run of shows, some of you may have seen him on stage helping out with the crew. Lovely thing for TTS to ask him to come out on the road with them.


I remember seeing them in a small pub and noticing him rolling his eyes to the back of his head while singing a lot of the time, in an enjoyably slightly freakish trance-like way. At the end of every song he’d stay in that zone for a few seconds and then seem to suddenly wake up and remember where he was and start grinning and saying thanks. Definitely seems very genuine.