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maybe he just really likes The Undertaker


Who doesn’t? Edit: except for his Limp Bizkit phase ffs.
James does get intense during the songs and thats amazing. Saw them in Auntie Annies once playing to a pretty tiny crowd but he was still 100% into it. Top lad.
Also a big fan of how he seems like a great lad who enjoys a laugh outside of TTS. He was laughing his head off when he was playing with Aidan Moffat on the Where You’re Meant To Be tour.
Top fella!


I think I’d take a bullet for James. Fuckin’ hell, what a show - genuinely blown away by quite how good that was.


Happy to hear they continue to be amazing, they have only got better over time! I remember messaging James on Facebook via the TTS page about how amazing they were at Primavera in 2014, and he was gracious to send me a message back and say thanks for coming. They are such wonderful guys and happy to see their success just keep growing.


Aye that’s the one I was on about above. Also remember him saying “Sorry we haven’t been here in so long, we didn’t realise anyone here liked us”. Crowd was small enough but not embarrassingly so, definitely dwarfed by the Voodoo crowd last time though.

Auntie Annies gig was also the only time I’ve managed to swipe a setlist after a gig (tried to nick an FOTL setlist in Glasgow the other year but it turned out to be a lyric prompt so decided it’d be polite to leave it behind)


Miss Auntie Annies as a venue. Saw some amazing bands there to tiny crowds.
I for one bloody love them and I’m sure lots of other NI people do.
James really seems like a very likable and great guy.
Even Voodoo was small enough and was able to get up front pretty easily. It’ll be interesting to see where they play next here if they make it over in the new yeat :slight_smile:


Aye Voodoo’s tiny but I remember it being pretty packed out comparatively, definitely had to strain to see the stage from where I was.

That was my last time in Auntie Annies before it closed, saw a couple of local gigs there after it reopened with the stupid name and was basically the same inside, no idea what if anything is upstairs from the shit new pub in its place now.

A Place to Bury Strangers w/ Japandroids for £7 was definitely an AA highlight. They ran a short lived half price ticket promo and I got mine for £3.50


Manchester sold out for February.


Off to the Edinburgh gig tonight :+1: on the drive up rn, we’re just stopped at Tebay, hanging with the ducks, how nice! Anyway it’s our first time in Edinburgh, anybody got any good reccos for things to see, good places to eat for vegans, good pubs near the venue?


“You did him proud”

What a band. Bring on the Barras.


Modern Dancing has gone back into my Spotify rotation as a result of this thread. So so good!


You said they “were” a good band - have they stopped?


I thought they sorta had - I was sure I remembered some shows back in 2016ish having that “last in a long while” tag, but seems they played more last year, she their Facebook has this from last autumn which mentions a third LP

Cheerfully withdrawn!


Guy on the right used to be a very good rollerblader


TTS in session on Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland right now. On the BBC Sounds app for anybody interested.







Loooooooooooooooong shot I know but if anyone has a spare at any point for the Manchester date next month I will be eternally grateful. I am furious I let it sell out.


Very excited for Friday.