Are they completely finished now?

Or is this Conservative government (and even the Labour Party to a minuscule extent) basically UKIP now?


‘Bring a pen’

I think it signals the return of Veritas…


*Le pen

They’re not finished until Brexit is completed I’d think.

Farage will be forever snarking from the sidelines. No matter how Brexity Brexit is, it won’t be Brexity enough.

i want to know what movie that’s from



They are finished as any sort of serious political party which ever might make gains at Westminster, but for as long as the media is pro-Brexit and we’re still remotely near the EU, there’ll always be airtime offered to Farage to snipe from the sidelines and keep UKIP as a protest movement.

Carswell is pretty right wing, but was by far the most sensible and sane person in the upper echelons of that party, so it’s no surprise he’s had enough of being shouted at by a mad racist who’s failed to win a seat at 7 times of asking yet STILL gets on Tv every week to chat shit.

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Can’t we just like ignore a party who has literally zero MPs? I mean just stop printing news and stuff about them.


honestly thought he’d died a few years ago.

Yeah, this. Farage will keep doing that with or without the party though, which is now in a position of having no MPs, no real cause to fight for and (since Arron Banks cut bait) no money. Seeing as the Tories now occupy the same ground they do they’ll probably drift aimlessly back to the margins as soon as Brexit’s done.


they essentially have the same official power as the stalinist party of east cornwall but they dominate the news don’t they. weird. not so weird actually, more disappointing we’re a nation of servile narrow minded racist cunts.