The UK's absolute shittest tourist attraction

  • Blackpool Tower
  • Madame Tussauds

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It has craven cottage so it has some worth




Famously named after Beverley



You’re thinking of knightsbridge


It’s Blackpool Tower, YSCs. Firstly, it’s in Blackpool, aka the actual worst place on earth. Secondly, it’s not even a fucking tower.


Ah, famously named after Zac and Michael


The Queen


It’s not a tower, it’s constantly covered in scaffolding, there’s fuck all in it, and at the top you have to look at Blackpool. The absolute worst


Also the most proto-Brexit thing in existence. Trying to stick two fingers up at the French and ending up with an infinitely shitter version of the thing we were jealous of. Excruciatingly embarrassing.


Edinburgh Castle must have the worst cost-to-experience ratio. A small fortune and it’s just full of cluttered military bullshit displays.



Famously named after her favourite band


As a small child I used to be able to see Blackpool Tower from my bedroom window, far off in the distance on the horizon

Madame Tussauds can do one


Dover’s white cliffs. On a bad day you can see France.


I feel this poll is going to be heavily skewed by half the boards never having been north of Watford.


this is all true and yet, madame tussauds is still somehow infinitely worse


Trigger warning for nosebleeds please