The UKs Diversity Of Crisp Flavours

In a conversation the other day about how the Dutch reckoned they have a lot of crisp flavours (they don’t, they have Ready Salted and Paprika and the only other ones are UK brands, the packaging isn’t even in Dutch ffs), I launched into a little speech about the plethora of crisp flavours in the UK and how even small shops have a massive section (or sections) dedicated to them all.

I was laughed at, and it was used as an example of the terrible food in the UK. Who’s side are you on?

  • ma0sm
  • Foreigns
  • I agree with the OP, but cannot bring myself to side with ma0sm
  • Bit of both
  • Don’t care

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Don’t care, crisps are insanely overrated. They’re just fine. Get over it.


You sound like someone who cares


Big diversity but still no cheese and ham, or peanut, or any of the other European staples (not that I like the peanut ones). Wonder if we have to bid for which flavours we’re allowed to market and we lost out on those ones.

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People make that mistake a lot

Dutch fool!


and that people? @Epimer

my fave crisp flavour


Also tomato is frustratingly elusive unless you’re in a proper cornershop that have Tangy Toms or those Snaps, which are awesome, but could be about 75% more tomatoey.


I got an absolutely enormous bag of peanut crisps from Aldi and Lidl for Christmas and ate them all before.

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The co-op crips game is best especially over xmas. Spotted they’ve got the xmas tree tortillas down to 38p at the moment, sour cream flavour but such a great subtle flavour not like other sour creams, and loads of salt. Really really great. Might stockpile.

fucking YES

tomato snaps are the main reason for visiting my parents as the post office across the road sells them


both bad imho

That’s not the point, AV, it’s diversity.

I think that the tourist board are the problem, so that you always have a novelty crisp flavour when you go on holiday, which is about 95% of the reason I go on holiday tbh.

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EU crisps are generally better (cooked in olive oil, paprika as a standard flavour)

Current best crisp imo are the yorkshire sweet chilli and lime ones though.

Fuck off maosm

Plus different flavour Calippos

I’m sorry but I have already decided your favourite crisp flavour

As soon as Bugles came to the UK, having been my favourite holiday crisp, I stopped liking them. The psychology of the holiday crisp.

i think they should get rid of all crisps that i dont like, i think that would be fine. get rid of stupid chicken flavour crisps, horrible. get rid of smoky bacon flavour, i used to like that and now i dont care for it. cant think of any others id get rid of right now, i’ll keep you up to date.


Two World Wars, one world cup, and eighteen flavours of crisps