The Ultimate Burger Poll Thread

Fucking starving now.


Oh god their starters look incredible and I am going to Malibu in a few months! :drooling_face:

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dunno but slow richies at brick brewery in peckham are reliably the best burgers i’ve had on more than one occasion, the haggis burger with beer hot sauce is an absolute blinder

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onion ring in the burger

  • crispy delicious additional texture (yes)
  • soggy batter disaster waiting to happen (no)

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Leave Iceberg Alone!!!

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Would always pull the ring out immediately imo

Best surprise onion ring experience I ever had was at a curry place here where my chicken tikka shashlik said it came with “rings of onion”. Makes sense, bit of sliced onion in the tomatoey curry, right?

WRONG. Couple of battered onion rings on top of my curry. Was absolutely delicious.


Kangaroo burgers are delish (though I was also in Australia and generally very happy, which may have affected things …)

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Holiday with 6th form pals to Gozo after we were done with a levels

down on the beach was a burger bar - I would have 2 of those bad boys with a Sprite for lunch (but 1st thing I would have eaten that day) whilst hungover.

Nothing fancy - but cooked on a flame grill with onions and some cheese.

Not subjectively the best burger ever - but food is often about time and place so those burgers


Never more true than with burgers imo. I had an enchilada on Gozo once and it was superb.


just realised I used subjectively wrong like an idiot

Big fan of some of the Bread Meats Bread names - Wolf of St Vincent Street, Fear and Lothian and Sunshine on Beef :ok_hand:

Also American cheese is a travesty.

This is incorrect. Buffalo is basically nicer beef.

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ur basically nicer beef


I know this is a poll thread, but i fucking hate this weird macho ‘bigger the better’ shite with burgers nowadays. So many places i go to the burger’s too fucking big to eat. Don’t get me wrong, everything tastes nice, but the last two i’ve tried i couldn’t pick up so just ate with a knife and fork.



Sunday lunch burger!? Good grief

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that’s not a burger, they’ve just arranged a bog standard sunday lunch vertically

and served with a basin of gravy for some reason


Are they expecting you to dunk the “burger” in the bowl of gravy?

i want to see the chefs eat these fucking things. like right smart arse, let’s see how you’re ‘meant’ to go about it


I’d eat all of these