The ultimate indignity/adding insult to injury/death


I got mozzered on the ankle the other night. The next day I went for a shit and as I stood up (yeah) to wipe my arse I saw it on the wall. I managed to squash it with some bog paper which I then folded over to wipe my ring.


What a vivid thread


I’m thinking of taking a screenshot of this and putting in the Terrible Things Posted on Social Media thread.


I would be honoured


you put the insect up your arse?


Sort of I guess? I mean it was encased in minimum six ply.


Did you get your ring dirty whilst wiping? Are you using cheap toilet paper?

Feel like I missed the but where the ring became involved


Well, I knew he’d gone all UKIP, but that is quite an extreme reaction.


It’d need an accompanying photograph to be bad enough, I think.



You use three sheets per wipe, or you use the Queen’s toilet paper?


squares per wipe (ave)

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Just wedge a roll up there


Who was it in here who used to wad/scruch up the loo roll rather than fold and wipe?

That’s a weird way of doing it.


Yeah, I use three sheets, pal.


Ring is the entrance to the colon


o :


three sheets to the ring


Ring cycle. Some sort of bike/anus crossover post?