The Ultimatum S1 (Netflix)

Ep 1 and 2

Wonder how much alexis expects her man to earn :confused:

And she looks nothing like Madelyn other than being white and hair colour :confused:

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Still ep 2

Wonder if they still find all these bad communicators for the last 2 years are hot/attractive prospects :joy:

Also what happens if they pick the same person…?

End of ep 9

Wtf did I just watch?!
How the chuff did they end up with each other…? Gonna be a bit awkward for colby when he’s around his wife’s mates now… god knows what happened off camera

Also that episode where Zay wouldn’t listen to Rae was a bit wrong- like… she keep asking to leave and that… what :confused:

April is crackers but seems to attract men easy enough

The others ended up in pretty good places I’d say.

Shame those early couples bottles it and got jealous/possessive as that might’ve changed things

Alexis is a right wrong un stirring shit up like she was. She had no part in the show, fuck off

10/10, bring on the Spanish version or whatever :sweat_smile:



Obviously can’t ignore the pregnancy but fucking harsh parading her in front of April :frowning:

She’s smiling though tbf

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More reunion

Ooh Rae. Give him hell :fire:

Bang to rights and he storms off. Emotionally underdeveloped

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Forgot to mention from episode 3-4ish

Was funny just how drunk Madelyn got :laughing:
Like her entire guard slipped, facial expressions changed etc

Thoughts after the end

bad vibes from colby early on, very much the “nice guy” stereotype who pretends to love and respect his partner but actually is a weird disrespectful gaslighter. He is possessive and embarrassing and madlyn seems under his creepy spell. No good vibes from any of the guys except hunter who seems fine. Randall and jake seem very immature and zay even more so. Rae seems like she was trying and i was rooting for her, and shanique and april seemed very immature but like they grew up a bit towards the end. Alexis is pretty sinister, dont like the cut of her jib. Lauren seemed very sweet and i found nate’s flip flopping at the start weird and unusual. Most of them seem too young and immature for marriage and babies, idk why they’re all so pressed about marriage in their early 20s, is it an American thing?


6 episodes in. Only like Colby and April

My fave YouTuber did a video about this and I really want to watch it now!

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Nails my feelings about everything and everyone perfectly :slight_smile:

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