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Quick look at the last poll of 2019:

  • Biden 29%
  • Sanders 19%
  • Warren 18%
  • Buttigieg 8%
  • Klobuchar 4%
  • Bloomberg 3%
  • Yang 3%
  • Gabbard 3%
  • Booker 2%
  • Steyer 2%
  • Castro 1%

Source: https://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/2r6hyqtv9p/econTabReport.pdf

The first real test is the Iowa caucuses on Monday 3 Feb.

If they do truly stick with Biden we really are fucked. On the other hand it makes complete sense, is what they deserve and would be very funny, so.

The trouble is all the boomers who aren’t MAGA nutjobs love him

The people have spoken: it’s back on the menu!



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We all know the type of gig dickhead that Trump would be


Yang off the ballot in Ohio

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He’s had a lot of guys canvassing for him round these parts, including one trying to get my wife to change from an independent to a Democrat so she could vote for the dork. She just laughed and walked away.

Interesting Pelosi keeps sending me surveys asking me what I’m looking for in a president. I’m not allowed to vote. Dumb Democrats.

Apparently Mayor Pete didn’t fill all his delegate slots for Illinois, that’s pretty woeful stuff! Bloomberg was paying $10 a sheet (I heard rumours it was $5 per signature towards the end…)

My wife is a Bernie delegate again :grinning::fist:


Just two candidates filled all 101 delegate slots: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden filled 98 of them, but Andrew Yang was next up, with 65 delegates, and Amy Klobuchar followed, with 63. Buttigieg filled slightly more than half of the slate, with 52 delegates. That has no bearing on the math in the coming primary*; seven Democrats filed no delegates whatsoever, including Mike Bloomberg, the first candidate to advertise in the state.

Illinois will hold its primary on 17 March.

*) candidates rely on party rules that will award them delegates based on a proportion of the vote – as long as they meet a 15% threshold in a district

It’s still embarrassing that he couldn’t get the signatures in the neighbouring state. It may not matter, who knows. But it’s pretty hilarious.

New fave player :grinning::fist:

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Sorry for posting screengrabs but the fact nesting doesn’t work when you post Tweets directly makes them annoying in post but here’s her first https://twitter.com/katewillett/status/1214609642980024320 and her followup https://twitter.com/katewillett/status/1214627474019094528

This is as wild as it sounds. Thought they did really well - fascinated to think whatever this podcast’s core listenership thought of it.