yeah if your only priority is ejecting trump then you’re already fucked tbh, and i think a lot of the #resistance is driven by people who simply don’t like trump in the WH because it makes them feel bad. there’s no deeper political conviction there. they don’t like having to care about this stuff, if biden means they can go back to brunch then that’s great. it’s how we get sizzlers like, “bernie hates the media, trump hates the media, therefore bernie is trump.” or “bernie supporters hate clintonite democrats, trump supporters hate the same, therefore bernie bros are a real thing.” it’s why they’re so casually at ease blithely ignoring bernie’s substantial POC/LGBT/feminist base - minority progressives make them feel bad about how conservative they are so it’s easier to ignore them and amplify a narrative completely counter to reality.


the same way melts over here are always trying to say the greens or lib dems are the real parties of the left.

I mean it doesn’t even have to be somebody else’s money. John Delaney’s using his own cash to keep getting onto that stage, he knows he’s never going to be polling more than 1%, his entire thing is to try and stop public healthcare from happening. Others like Klobuchar and Williamson (sorry but it is true) are clearly just there to sell a book or otherwise raise their profile.

There definitely needs to be tougher polling requirements to keep getting selected for these debates. However knowing the Democrats they’ll probably just raise the funding requirements.

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Yes, it’s definitely between those two

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they’ll keep trying to will this narrative into existence until it happens and then when trump trounces either one of them in a general it’ll be everyone else’s fault.

It’s been clear for a while that this has become the de facto strategy for the libs. If they pretend Bernie doesn’t exist, maybe he’ll go away on his own. PSA definitely got the memo on this: they’ve spent hours wonking out over each likely candidate except one.

What/who is this please?

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a guy who wants to be president said black people need educating on raising a child properly, called his rival the president, was allowed to claim he wants criminal justice reform despite pressing a crime bill that penalized minority groups disproportionately in the 90s, and had to pause mid-sentence to push his dentures back into position and not a single outlet has mentioned any of it lmao. how corrupt.


Pod Save America, a popular centre left political podcast. ‘The Jons’, in Chapo parlance.

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Nearly put my foot through the tele this morning. Comeback Joe was the caption, then Bernie losing ground, then Warren surging into second. Unfucking believable.

The most worrying aspect for Joe is how visibly flustered he gets when challenged. Gets all stuttery, chews up his words. Trump will be salivating.

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Joe makes it sound like the reanimated corpse of his wife is back home waiting for him.

I mean on top of all the racist shit he says, but I already expected to read that.

What a worthless joke.

Do you think the Dems are throwing this because they reckon they can’t win with a centrist, Sanders will be dead or too old come 2024, and Trump will either step down and probably be a ‘blip’ in terms of Republicans, or else will run for a 3rd term and they reckon this will just hand it to them?


Do you think they’d like this plan though?


Today was the day that Biden finally became presidential


what. what is happening here. what is he saying.

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Full on tying an onion to his belt territory.