The unemployment thread

Hello, this is a thread to talk about unemployment. I am currently unemployed and looking for work when there’s not much about. How have you dealt with periods of unemployment before? I am taking solace in the small things, such as going for a long walk in the middle of the day and lying into until gone 8 o clock. I know. Otherwise, it’s a bit samey. I’m willing for the return of a monthly sum of money put into my account in return for a set number of hours.

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It’s been a while since I was properly unemployed. I remember finding it hard to truly enjoy the freedom what with the looming pressure (not helped by being signed on with the Job Centre at the time who were absolutely horrible – and that’s even considering that my experience with them was far from the worst, and that the whole process has only gotten way worse now than it was in 2012).

My favourite memories involve going for walks though. As horrible as the job centre was, there was a sort of canal nearby next to the cathedral that was really calming to walk around


Sympathies to anyone who is going through this at the minute. I’m half-looking for a new job as I fear I might lose mine in the next 3 months or so. Looking at what’s out there I think I might need to re-train and start on a new career which is making me quite anxious.



Good luck to anyone who is out of a job and looking for work.


I’ve had two 6 month periods of unemployment, one after finishing my PhD and one after being made redundant.

The worst thing was not having a clue about when it would end. I’d recommend trying to introduce a daily structure- maybe getting out for a walk at the same time every day or doing a little bit of volunteer work. Anything so that you’re not just sitting in your pants all day.

Good luck to everyone going through this, it’s really not a great feeling.


Hello. Unemployed because my last work was so inflexible with time off that I couldn’t get to interviews even if I got them. Which as it turns out, I don’t.

Not sure whether to go down the job centre, last time I did they required me to go down every sodding morning for two hours and I can’t think of anything worse. Makes sense to put that time into job hunting instead. So I guess Universal Credit works as its put me off claiming.

Trying not to worry until I hear about the interview I had yesterday, should hear tomorrow or Monday. If I don’t get that then I have no other irons in the fire and it’ll be panic stations.

Good luck everyone going through it, especially this year.


I had a long period of unemployment between my current job and the one before (was made redundant). My wife was pregnant so that was pretty shit! Worrying and a bit weird to send off someone heavily pregnant to work while I lounged around at home (I did take care of everything domestically of course) arguing with meths or whoever about whether it’s better to make or buy your ice. Was good to not work for the first three months of my son’s life (really missed that with the next kid).

Then I got this job and it is much better in every way to the last one which I hated.

Hopefully things will turn out well for you as well.


I’ve applied for universal credit and I’m surprised at how lax they have been. Every follow-up phone call has involved my work coach being ‘blown away’ by the amount of applications I have made, which being realistic, is not a huge amount. It has allowed me to only apply for jobs that I want (and probably won’t get!). Maybe there’s an acknowledgement on their behalf that there are going to be lots of people on it for a while and not many jobs, although I fear I might be giving them to much credit

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Surely not?! My last claim was five years ago and I went for 10 minutes every 2 weeks

Maybe it’s changed since my last claim! I hope so, probably worth heading down. Still, I’m voluntarily unemployed so they might tell me to clear off anyway.

Yeah that was the case the previous time I’d claimed, but wasn’t the case three years ago. They had me signed up for a non-optional week long course on Microsoft Word too, but I managed to find work before I had to go.

This is so true. The most baffling thing about the job centre is how little they actually help you to find a job.

Had to spend ages writing down every job I’d applied for that week, which is a waste of time. Then they get irked at what I hand in bc it wasn’t in the industry I’d specified an interest in on the first meeting (turned out there’s fuck all of those jobs going in a small town in the West Midlands, whoda thunk it)

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Me right now , I’ve dealt with this before but never during a time like this so I’m worried about the uncertainty a lot, and it is very stressful

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my partner was unemployed for about 5 months, hundreds of applications a week, no replies… really gave her deep depression and while I kept saying “you’re not the only one, it’s just the state of the world right now” I really didn’t know what else to say

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Yeah this is it. My wife’s been unemployed since May and it’s the uncertainty which is so crippling. In normal times it would be shit but at least you’d be able to visualise an end date. At present, it feels like there isn’t one. I don’t have any suggestions about how to deal with that.

Odd thing is my wife’s totally fine - I’m the one who’s a nervous wreck about it all! Would rather it was happening to me rather than her, at least I’d feel in control of the situation in some way.

In response to the OP I would say taking solace in small things is a great strategy. To that I would add a) keeping a routine (however little is filling it) and b) think about the possibilities a period of prolonged period off work affords you. Sounds odd but you don’t want to be going back to work and then in the slog of all that thinking “shit I really wish I’d done this while I had all of that time off”!

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yeah, in normal times it’d be easy to be office temp or something… not much of that going on at the minute i imagine :confused:

Wtf?! It was depressing enough going once every 2 weeks when I was on JSA.


This is the thing that really gets me, you never know where you’re going wrong.

Some applications I’ve been doing take hours- trying to tailor my work experience for the job, writing a 1,500 word covering letter/personal statement, re-writing my CV into their application forms. And you never know if you’re getting it right or wrong. It’s easy to think making all that effort is a waste of time which creates a circle of despair. My last period of unemployment was easily the worst my mental health has ever been.

Sorry to be depressing.


Had a brainwave of thinking I’d just become an Uber driver and then took an Uber yesterday and the driver told me she’d made about £20 from 3 fares in 5 hours :confused:

i was unemployed for a while a couple of years ago. biggest problem was a real lack of motivation, i hate job applications and i really hate interviews, and i would have a look at job sites and just become really dispirited at the lack of decent jobs out there - everything good seemed beyond my experience and capability, the only thing i felt i was qualified for was to go and work in another call centre and be miserable again.

i was ok for money for a bit but it was a bit of a miserable time in that i sometimes dreaded meeting friends in case they asked how it was all going, and i constantly dreaded speaking to my mum as she was constantly worrying/good naturedly-nagging and sending me listings for jobs that i really didn’t want.

in the end after dragging my feet for a long time someone sent me a civil service application and i got in. kind of glad now that i didn’t settle for something awful too soon.