The Unfortunate Mishap

So, yeah. Yesterday I was cycling alongside the Union Canal in Edinburgh. Doing around 7 mph.
Coming up to the aquaduct near Slateford and someone walked out from an adjoining path, straight across right in front of me. I ran into them but got knocked sideways and went head first into the canal. The bike went in too.
Now, I can’t swim, so when I resurfaced I was really disorientated and in a panic so I ‘swam’ to the nearest bank. Unfortunately it was the other side, with no towpath and no way to get back across.

I stood there to get my composure back while 2 brilliant people managed to get my submerged bike out the water. I then had to jump back fucking in to get back to the other side and to safety!

Here’s some further info to enhance this thread. The weather was warm, but cloudy. I was wearing my work clothes…shoes, trousers, shirt. I had to get on a train home, drenched. Not one person asked what had happened!!



Cyclists eh


The can’t swim part makes me feel a little bad for laughing so hard… but you’re okay so it’s fine.


kin ell m9, are you okay???

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Between you and Jazzballet’s incredible tale the other day this is a boom time for stories of extreme cringe

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Yes I am OK. Thank you for your concern!

It was quite traumatic, but it’s hilarious now!!

It must have been really scary if you can’t swim. I’m glad you’re okay :heart:

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oh that’s so much better than I even hoped for.

hope you’re ok. :joy: :joy_cat: :rofl::joy: :joy_cat: :rofl::joy: :joy_cat: :rofl::joy: :joy_cat: :rofl::joy: :joy_cat: :rofl:


The worst bit was the dawning realisation after I had composed myself that I was going to have to jump back in to get to the ‘correct’ side!!


makes it funnier imo

that was my favourite bit

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I’m genuinely sitting here thinking “fuck, what a dick I am… I’ll buy him a drink next Saturday.”

i don’t know what’s wrong with me. this should be hilarious, as should @xylo’s gif in the other thread, but it’s just making me want to weep. glad you’re ok mate x

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Kind of wish I could say I’ve fallen head first into a canal tbh

Nah…it’s been everyones natural reaction.
I’d have done the same.

Mine’s a Coke Zero, thanks.

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This is now the cycling thread.

Oh mate, I’m glad you’re ok.

I’ve seen a guy topple into Regent’s canal before and he didn’t get his bike back. Think the thing that made me saddest was when he pulled himself onto the bank, piss wet through, and pulled a macbook out of his backpack.

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It IS hilarious!


Just before I read this thread, I was looking at this piece of work.

I can now picture (albeit on a not-to-scale railway infrastructure map) roughly where your mishap occurred.

Pleased you’re okay - I’d have utterly crapped myself in that situation!