The US politics and upcoming election thread

Didn’t have Trump down as a Corrie fan

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‘nobody listened to the lyrics’

The Arrested Development parallels just keep on coming today!


They’re intentionally throwing this.

I think both sides are intentionally throwing this to be honest

The Washington Examiner is a pro-Trump conservative news website and weekly magazine. It is owned by Philip Anschutz, a major financier of Republican politicians.

South Park was pretty prescient

This really was the cocaine presidency. I don’t think there’s anyone connected to Trump who isn’t on it


fucking hell. watched that without sound and it looks like it’s been sped up. “Charlie” indeed.



(A) whoa go to rehab
(B) what a sack of poisonous double-think, check out how to divide a society, happening in real time
© the scarface jokes are on point because hey, you associate with the mafia and the don (huh) gets yoinked, they roll up the carpet on the rest of the hoods who did their grunt work. Madness to watch a 21st century society dissolve because a literal coup is the best way to keep a fraudulent child rapist out of jail.

Just came up as notification

Edit: That was a flippant response to a horrible story.

Unfortunately I think experience has shown us that it won’t make any impact on the election


Yeah I was going to say something but, to be honest he gets aways with everything so what the fucks the point in commenting, not coming forward. Donald Trump is someone who sexually assaults women and gets away with it.

Something I keep coming back to is, in the wake of his win, one of my distant in-laws who is a life-long Republican, was cheering the fact that Kellyanne Conway’s success as the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign was a huge victory for feminism. The compartmentalising of your brain to come up with a take like that… it’s staggering. It’s unconquerable.

Big fan of people on Twitter using the number of Trump/Biden lawn signs in their area as a metric of who is going to win. Mind you, still not as dumb as people taking betting markets seriously

Well fuck.

RBG has passed away.

should’ve retired when Obama was president mate. Oh well. I’m sure Mitch McConnell will put forward a moderate in deference of hahahaHAHAHAhaaahahahahaha.

Average time to appoint a new justice is 2 and a bit months. I imagine the Mitch will run it through the senate ASAP. There’s very little to stop it barring the nomination being someone who is facing an investigation/a situation like Kavanaugh being a rapist.

@Parsefone truth. just one of the many things they fucked.

Trump is speaking now in Minnesota. Apparently he’s up there bashing the Somalian community. An ugly spectacle of a speech could be about to get uglier. Fuck all of it. I’m having a drink.