The useless things that humanity has created



I was stood in tk maxx a while back, queuing for my turn at the tills. Hung up along the wall next to me was a load of miscellaneous and useless items, like a model engine that you could build at home and a suit made of bubble wrap (possibly there is a use for this but I don’t know).


Football Manager 2017


What’s your fucking beef mate?


it’s not 2017 yet


This is legit the reason for me momentarily thinking the new Red Dead was coming out this year yesterday…




Computer games are for adult babies, aren’t they. All games, in fact.


Why do you hate vegetarians?


Nutribullet. The mortar and pestle has worked fine for (I assume) millennia.


Traffic lights
Just denial of the enormous articulation of murderous chaos in the universe, aren’t they?!




Yeah I believe bronze age man was knocking out some wild smoothies.


You must be fearsomely strong.


mate i’ve been a vegetarian since i was 19!! here just take a look at my books!!


I’m not, I’m just incredibly patient and have a lot of free time.


19! That’s 12 years too late!

Lovely handwriting though.


How many hours does it take you to grind a single apple into pulp with a pestle and mortar?


Mobile phone screens that curve round the edges


I’ll let you know when I’m finished.



• takes up less space
• £30 cheaper
• surprisingly less effort also (if you get a nice sharp one)