The Very Hungry Caterpillar


I’ve stolen this from Twitter, but it’s a good question - is that a nose or a mouth on his face?


  • Nose
  • Mouth

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It’s their mouth. The book is exclusively about them eating so a mouth is a visual requirement.


Got some caterpillars in a jam jar at home as I rescued them after destroying their home. They shit loads.


Caterpillars don’t have a nose, obviously.




Yeah I’ll do a book about a dog that smells and he will ll not have a nose



Looking forward to the BBC website absolute fucking non-story about this.


Eric Carle has made shitloads out of fuck all here hasn’t he?


This book is a joy and works brilliantly with small people. I will not hear a bad word about it.


Probably bunged that fucker a good £20-25


Reckon at least a tenner of that will have gone to his sister, Christa.


The shops and publishers probably take a cut too, dunno.


Mouth is the logical answer, but the positioning is all wrong.

Bit fucking small for a supposedly Very Hungry Caterpillar too. Unless his tiny mouth is the reason he’s so hungry?


I think it’s his arsehole. That’s how a caterpillar’s body works.


My son loves it - we had the version with the little finger puppet in it, which was really cool, but he ate most of it, the savage!


Such a great book. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? is a sensation too.

The one about the ladybird that wants to chin everyone is weird though.


How in the actual fuck have ONE THIRD of people voted “Nose”??? The book isn’t called “The Caterpillar with the Sensitive Olfactory System”. Jesus.


thought nose from that pic but when i google for others i can only see it as a mouth


More concerned about its arsehole in that pic TBH