The video to Ava Adore


still looks amazing doesnt it

the whole band just look cool as fuck in it

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Probably jumping the shark here but forgotten nirvana/bush knock-offs silverchair have the odd banger your life isn't complete without hearing
Most talented people in music today

I bloody love Adore


i agree


i would say they all look powerfully uncool


that. like a step above corny late 90s goth.

I don’t dislike the song, but that video combined with the fairly corny (but above average) “Alt rock goes ‘Electronica’” trend turned me off of the album.


can’t tell if this thread is sarcastic or not, but anyway, wasn’t a fan of the post mellon collie look at the time, but now I look back and think he was one of the few people making the effort


this is probably the worst video of theirs, its like they were going to put in some cool green screen stuff in afterwards but then couldn’t be bothered. Always thought I hated this song but think it was just the video, really like how the sound of the guitars just turns into soup at the 55 second mark


Nah the video is great


I still maintain this is the greatest live tv performance any band has ever done


liked a couple of their songs but i saw this on mtv and went WO


what is WO?





favourite pumpkins songs subthread:


always liked billy corgan’s dad’s guitar solo here


Theres a great one of them doing Rhinoceros on an American show and they just lose it at the end, so good


this one?


I miss stickers on guitars




Fuck I love(d) this band so much…