The video to Ava Adore


It’s looking like it’s Billy, James, Jimmy, and Jeff.

Hopefully it’s Jeff on bass and Billy on lead guitar and not the other way around. When I saw them in 2008 they were amazing but it was a little frustrating when Billy passed the leads off to Jeff - nothing against Jeff, but Billy is (in my opinion) the greatest and most emotive lead guitarist on the planet and he’s able to tap into a well of emotions that can’t be replicated by anyone else playing his parts.


The guitar I use for weird tunings and that has some Grouper stickers, a Lord Quas, and a Merge Records sticker. Proud of it


dunno if this is gonna be album art but it if it is I like the siamese dream call back


just to say that smashing pumpkins were the greatest band of all time.

thank you.


I’d agree with that, bright eyes have more of my favourite songs, but the pumpkins were the whole package. They were the first band I was obsessed with and looking back I regret moving on to more indie-scmindie stuff, should have spent more time listening to them, have a vast really varied back catalogue, loads of interesting textures and moods, and their whole look, artwork, aesthetic and vibe, they were there own universe, that is the ideal of what a band should be. Obviously find modern Corgan quite problematic, try and not blame 90s Corgan




actually don’t like this picture much, hope it isn’t the final version if it is album art, reminds me of a manic street preachers album cover


I’ve said it tons of times on this board, but I respect Siamese Dream so much (in retrospect, seeing as I actually heard it before I listened to MBV) for how it takes its influence from Loveless but then does something totally different with it and that doesn’t quite sound like anything else.

As I say I’ve said it many times on this board; this is the time I’ve phrased it crappiest


hopefully they tear off their wings and rags and have some crazy cyber lycra goddess costumes underneath



Is that real or a photoshop job?


Real I think


Hoping it’s the Machina lush box-set we all deserve


So reunion tour announcement on Thursday then?


They’ve been recording (no d’arcy :frowning:) so reckon it will be announcing that


So why use the bullet lyrics?


Maybe it’ll be both. I’m sort of optimistic about the new material as Ogilala was better than expected and also I revisited Oceania the other day and that’s also good. Monuments was crud though


yeah most likely both, just know that recording is happening so it makes sense they will announce that, guess I saw the bullet lyrics and siamese dream photos as general signifiers of the 3/4 original line up


Imagining Billy had just watched Batman Forever and was really stoked on Jim Carrey’s exaggerated mannerisms and thought “Yeah, man! I can do that!”


Superdry :black_heart: T shirts :confused: