The video to Ava Adore


I’m feeling optimistic about this too - I’m not sure if it’s based in anything concrete, but there seems to be a different air around him lately. It doesn’t feel like those Teargarden or Monuments periods, and I’m also encouraged by the massive shift in style and quality from Monuments to Ogilala (I can enjoy the former for what it is, but lyrically it’s definitely lacking and he seems pretty detached, and he’s at his best obviously when his emotions are fueling the songs). I know I’m in the minority but I still think he’s capable of doing something truly great. Really hoping for the new album announcement at the end of the clock.


Bad vibes


If I were given the chance to go back in time specifically to attend one live music event, it would - without hesitation - be their (former) last ever show.

I mean, that setlist. Incredible. Playing for three hours and still having stuff like Cherub Rock and 1979 to throw out? Also that club holds, I dunno, a thousand people? I saw Islands there once. Islands!



Incredible. I always wish they’d brought out the gig on DVD. The recording of Fuck You (an ode to no-one) on the compilation DVD they brought out is phenomenal


Yes!!! I love that. There was talk of it coming out officially but it never happened. I seem to remember at one pointing having a recording but it was from someone in the crowd so not the best quality.

(I need to find my copy of the DVD - really loved the commentaries, especially when they were utterly unaware. I think it was for the Zero video, and Billy is recounting some story about how the label didn’t want to pay for another video, and he just went to the President and was like “look, I have an affordable idea, just give me $20,000 and I’ll make a video.” in this absolutely nonchalant way. The 1990s!)


Can’t he at least bring Melissa back


Everything he does has flashes of brilliance but Monuments it was just too thinly spread amongst forced power pop by numbers stuff. Lacking emotion as you say. Anaise is great though. Look forward to some hot debate on any new stuff as there’s 0% chance he can please everyone. The divisiveness and outsider thing is part of the fun


reading D’Arcy’s Facebook :frowning:


It’s getting weird now, she is saying she has been hacked


Fingers crossed for a 6 hour modular jam.


The Pumpkins reunion going off the rails before it’s even been officially announced is probably the most Pumpkins thing imaginable.


The plot thickens


Corgan text messages, dunno starts off reasonable then seems a bit of a dick, then I’m not sure, does seem to be an undercurrent of him not thinking it would be good for her but also a really business like aspect


Conflicted really. She deserves to play a full role in this and if she says she is able then he should take her on her word. However he is probably in his rights to be nervous about it, given he hasn’t seen or heard from her in 19 years, is aware she hasn’t played professionally in that time, and is obviously putting so much pressure on the tour’s success.

What he’s offering seems fair, looking from his perspective, but not looking from her’s.

Maybe just get in the practice room and see how it goes.


Yeah, I’m kind of all or nothing and after all the press of his last album focusing on how he is just pleased to be friends again with everyone it seems a bit off that being a mega corporate reunion juggernaut is his priority, if she isn’t up to it they shouldn’t do it without her (or market it as the full nostalgia fest, if it was just a new iteration pumpkins 4.0). Would prefer a few low key dates I haven’t go a chance to get tickets for with her involved rather than the broadway production he is talking about. I’m being a bit idealistic and the man has a career to revive


I’m not a big Corgan fan, but he was pretty reasonable in those text messages. Also I assume these are the ones shared by D’arcy and it is not one long conversation, so I imagine these are the hand picked bits that make him look the worse.


Yeah, not trying to go to that show is one of my biggest regrets. Logistically it made no sense - at the time I was absolutely swamped with projects in a soul-crushing first semester of college, and had the “no car / terrified of flying” combination going. It’s easier to say it in hindsight, but I wish my memory of that day was a three hour show by my favorite musician and songwriter of all time.

So, so, so amazing. I love that wink Jimmy gives to the camera, he knows what they’re about to unleash. There’s really no live band like them.


I don’t know, seems to me the whole way through she is saying she wants as much involvement as possible and Corgan is replying as if she isn’t saying that, then when she says her shoulder doesn’t need surgery after all his response is very muted, then the stuff at the end about the t-shirts, maybe some crucial context is missing but it seems very dismissive, like your hard work earns you a place on a tshirt if you want take it or leave it it doesn’t matter either way. Still think it reflects bad on Corg, he made a big deal while promoting his last album that being on good terms was what was most important even if they never play together again, so really think she should be involved or they shouldn’t make out this is the reunion, guess it was just interview fodder


In terms of two sides to the story picking messages that make Billy look bad, it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt, he has spent decades bad mouthing most people he has worked with and she has remained dignified