The video to Ava Adore


forgot how much i like the smashing pumpkins, great band.




didn’t even make it to a b-side, still better than most band’s best song



It’s actually impossible for me to agree more with this.

I spent many confused hours, trying to like their music and wondering why people thought that Sonic Youth were a “great band”.

So much so that I’m convinced no one actually likes them…I’m right aren’t I? You’re all just kidding and youve all been involved in this huge plot to convince me that Sonic Youth are a “great band” rather than a steaming pile of dog shit.

Im not sure what happened with Teenage Riot…maybe they had an off day when they wrote that one. In fact, it’s been my default sentence whenever I encounter someone that pretends to like this band “not really…I like Teenage Riot though [if that helps?]”


This is now the Sonic Youth debate thread

Sonic Youth

  • Brilliant. Haters just don’t understand the meaning of art and are corporate pop dweebs
  • Literal Dogshite that makes Metal Machine Music sound like Mozart
  • I like Daydream Nation and Goo but my fondness for melody stops me from going further

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Smashing Pumpkins

  • The best band ever to have existed. Criminally underrated by soulless jocks #freeBilly
  • Music that people ought to have grown out of by 18
  • Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie are worldies, I like a few tracks from Gish and Adore, but my god there’s a lot of shit around them

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GISH and adore are good too. recent stuff is not good though.


For clarification, “a lot or shit around them” is referrin to the other albums. Gish and Adore tracks vary from average to great


Anyone know what’s up with Gish not being available on streaming services? It’s not on Spotify or Tidal as far as I can tell. Zeitgeist is also missing.

The Zwan album is also nowhere to be found, though that’s far less surprising.


I can see Gish on Spotify. Are you in the UK?


My first experience with sonic youth was aged 14, bought goo, had high hopes because of the nirvana connection, thought it was so incredibly dull. Over the years I’ve grown to enjoy them, more for their spaced out jammy stuff, like the chimey complex chords, but song wise thurston moore and his rhyming dictionary are very lacking (Ranaldo can be relied upon for his contributions though)


Can we get pavement in on this interband beef, empty band, probably the single most responsible for terrible hipster culture


literally listened to Gish on Spotify last week


I honestly didn’t know anyone liked Smashing Pumpkins as much as some of the posters in this thread. Sometimes I wonder if @TAFH33 and @ttf are Billy Corgan.

I should probably listen to Smashing Pumpkins properly sometime.


Of course it was there when I checked again just now wasn’t it. :roll_eyes:


While I love the smashing pumpkins I am no Billy Corgan fan


Can somebody link me to the bands that are like pavement but better?




“Muzzle” and “I of the Mourning” are good examples of what I’m talking about. I don’t know how anyone can listen to “Muzzle” and call it a nostalgia song or meant for kids - it’s pure magic and timeless, both in terms of the standard “belonging to a decade” conversation and of a “stage in life” standpoint. That final build up is so incredible, and then the way the outro carries things off towards “Porcelina”. It’s basically Mellon Collie in a single song. I appreciate it more and more every year.

And “I of the Mourning” is so fantastic. There’s SO much emotion in that solo, and I love how the song is constructed. Before you even realize what’s happened, it’s gone from mid-tempo new-wavey song to feeling like a runaway train. I’d wager there’s more genuine emotion in that song (and “Muzzle” too obviously) than in the entirety of Sonic Youth’s discography.