The video to Ava Adore


I wish I were Billy Corgan! Unfortunately I’m just some schmuck who can play guitar just barely enough to be able to communicate an idea to a real guitarist. It would be much more fun to be the greatest of all time, I’d imagine. (I’d also shit all over Alex Jones if I were him. I’m losing hope that he’s playing the long game, gaining that gremlin’s trust only to humiliate him on live tv when the moment is right, wrestling style. It’s been a tough year for me.)

But yeah, there are many more of us, and I highly recommend giving their whole catalogue a proper listen. They are NOT a singles band whatsoever - I’m constantly blown away by how much incredible music he’s written.


Probably goes without saying in this thread, but I’d say Gish through Machina II are perfect, including all of the B-Sides and almost all of the unreleased songs. I could understand calling some of the post-reunion stuff average to great, even though I personally enjoy all of the non-Teargarden songs. Adore is musical perfection to me.


I never listened to them until a few years ago when I met my wife. I have to admit I really like Slanted & Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain but despite trying I cannot get into the rest at all except for one or two songs on Terror Twilight. I have no idea how anyone could put them over the Pumpkins or the other indie greats of the 90s / early 00s (Modest Mouse, Elliott Smith, etc.).

Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m not someone who gave an album a single distracted listen and wrote it off, I’ve been trying so hard to like them these past couple years but aside from a handful of songs they feel generic and “just there.” I just don’t see the songwriting ability (aside for a few instances where it’s like they achieved it despite their best efforts, as you indicated), and because of it they somehow manage to make fast, dissonant, noisy music a chore and boring. I think all of the big fast-paced rock albums of last year (Protomartyr, Priests, Meat Wave, etc.) thoroughly destroy anything they’ve done. I did enjoy a chunk of Thurston’s 2014 solo album, but probably because it sounded like he had been listening to Doug Martsch or Neil Young or Mike McCready beforehand.


Mate you don’t want to know how many 90s also-rans i’d put ahead of the Pumpkins.


My friend in college genuinely insisted that Wheatus, SR-71, and Stroke 9 all towered over Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, he wasn’t doing it for attention. Nothing can surprise me anymore.


Bet he’d start some quality threads on here, we need more hot takes like those.


edit: I hate DiS


I’ve honestly never listened to a Smashing Pumpkins album but I think I might give them a shot, although some of the opinions in this thread are giving me reason to be cautious. Pavement are my go to answer when someone asks my favourite band.


Pavement started the beef with range life


*the mild ribbing


I would say the best place to start if you are already familiar with their hits, is the 2nd disc of Melon Collie, shows their full range and experimentalness


This is influenced by SP. He even says “Hello, I’m Billy Corgan” at the start


“Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness, and cleanliness is godliness, and God is empty, just like thousands of seats for the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour.”

Just goes to show the lack of legacy this band has, normally a big 90s reunion would be a sellout from old fans and the next generation, I know it’s early days but those seating plans are bleak


This is what happens when you’re a dickhead for 15 years and continually piss on your own legacy.


Thought I was in the Morrissey thread there for a second


Only 15 years? generous


Who would you rather have a pint with

  • Morrissey
  • Billy Corgan

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The fatal flaw in his plan is that Smashing Pumpkins have been touring regularly in different guises for 12 years. Most fans probably didn’t even realize it wasn’t the same line up I bet


Feel like Corgan is some darth vader type character, there is still some good within him, Morrissey is full palpatine


Corgan likes wrestling, that’ll hold my interest for a pint.