The video to Ava Adore


Same here. Mellon Collie itself was basically my real gateway into modern music, and hearing that second half for the first time absolutely blew my mind.

I’ve said it before, but Mellon Collie has become such a staple of music collections that its sheer creativity and the sheer risk Corgan took is taken for granted. None of his peers would have (or could have) released anything like that second disc. That run of songs after X.Y.U. might be the single boldest, high-risk move ever made by an artist in the spotlight, and it was the perfect decision. Who else would / could have followed a 7 minute metal fueled nervous breakdown by a “sproingy” keyboard singalong song and a run of very atypical ballads? The contrast of styles throughout that disc is shocking, and somehow it all flows together perfectly and congeals into a musical universe.


They’ve announced 2nd nights for Chicago and LA as they have sold out. Are they smaller venues than the others? Seems odd that that they sell out so quickly when others arent even a quarter sold yet…


I guess home town show is Chicago, LA is a big city


inglewood (LA) forum: 17,505
Chicago: 23,500
MSG:m 20,000ish


Machina easily their most underrated album. Incredible songs on it


Machina is at least as good as adore and definitely better than Gish


nah man, the hippy psychedelic edge to Gish beats the sheen of Machina easily. I’ll admit they had lost me by the time machina came out though so i’ve never it treated that fairly. Adore was the end of the golden run for me boss.

(Melon Collie is my favourite by some distance. The whole bloody two discs - best £16.99 i ever spent in hmv!)


Always found Gish a bit dull, I love machina on rediscovery (though include machina 2), might even prefer it to Siamese Dream. Reckon if they had released it as the double concept album as planned they would have been seen as going off on a high. I like adore but it has more filler than any of their other original run albums


Except disarm which is balls and sticks out like a shitty thumb…stick kitty kat/glynis/drown/starla on there instead



Disarm is a lot better on that the word performance, wish the album one was like that


*Evil Seam Adans


I remember really liking Machina II, that download-only release as well as a teenager. Haven’t listened to the Machina albums in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.

Some really nice stuff on Adore as well (‘Shame’ is such a good song – the kind of treated piano sound that comes in around half way is almost perfect), but it’s way too long.


I remember when I was 16 and worked in this crappy delivery firm when I was doing my A-Levels, and some guy there used to sell pirated CD’s. Largely pop stuff, but saw the Pumpkins and recalled reading they were good so stumped for that (it was Machina). Absolutely floored me, and I keep hearing new things in it even now. I remember listening to This Time after reading about some of the in band drama, when he sings “Someday we’ll wave hello, And wish we’d never waved goodbye” and just being overwhelmed with sadness.

Seriously though, the full on production, performances and sheer volume of material. I think it’s astonishing. I love the whole garish aesthetic. Everlasting Gaze, Try Try Try, Stand Inside Your Love, Wound, This Time. THEN there’s Machina 2 which, whilst a little all over the place has at least two or three absolute belters.


think I’ve mentioned it a couple of times maybe in this thread, but the machina acoustic demos are amazing


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