The video to Ava Adore


Done, welcome to alternate suggestions though.


Maybe a mention of Allflaws to get them some added exposure? This thread’s really getting some numbers


I’d love to, but Smashing Pumpkins fans aren’t known for their sense of humour


Can you add something about them being better than sonic youth and pavement?


Didnt give permission for the thread title to be changed


the what?


Fair, I should have asked @TKC first, sorry about that.

Change it back if you want (you can change your own thread titles back).


I’m only jesting :wink:




never noticed this before, very exciting


I updated the thread name despite not being a mod because I’m a rebel and currently in the middle of the biggest power trip of my life.


how the hell did you do that if you are not a mod


just some everyday regular skulduggery


hahaha straight fire from yer man @TKC


Pearl Jam sold out pretty much instantly m9. Mostly to touts admittedly, but still. Think QOTSA did as well, it’s almost a shock when the O2 doesn’t instantly sell out.


Some prick’s even added tags !


turns out you’re wrong!


I read the thread title and got excited for a second :frowning:


This has made me wonder about Jedward releasing a Mellon Collie-esque double album; one CD for Jed and the other for Ward.

Though that sounds more like that Outkast album so honestly the similarities with yer man Billy are limited. I can’t see either Jed or Ward going bald either, certainly not willingly.


Selling out the O2 is completely different to selling out Lousiville or Sioux Falls. I went to see QOTSA in Toronto and bought tickets a few weeks before the show. I think the fuck up with the tour is overestimating the bands popularity in these smaller markets. The shows in the big cities have sold well, some have sold out. My guess is that the big expense for the tour is all fixed costs, so the more dates you can add the better even if you don’t sell them out.