The video to Ava Adore


I wonder why i just read this entire thread


looking for jedward content?



interesting post on instagram from Corgan on Jedward’s most underrated album machina today

"MACHINA/pt 1/The Machines of God ‘turns’ 18 today (Feb 28/2000). It’s nice to see where so many younger fans have found and resonated with this work, which despite being often misunderstood or disregarded has seen a sort of restoration with time. On the question of when a reissue would be made available (reuniting pts 1 + 2 with a copious amount of additional work), the legal squabble with our inherited label continues (meaning they purchased our catalog from Gish to Machina from old masters EMI and take scant possession of the legacy, much less any present or future plans to promote said work). Which is a curious thing…
That said, I have made overtures to purchase the catalog by putting together a group of investors; only to be rebuffed, because ‘it’s too valuable to be sold.’’


i first heard Smashing Pumpkins cos somebody sent me ‘Stand Inside Your Love’ and ‘Cherub Rock’ over MSN in 2007. I had no idea who this band were. That was a good day.

Just reminiscin’


stand inside your love is probably in my top 5 of theirs, love the little scraped arpeggios he fits sneaks in here and there


i loved it. remember playing those 2 tracks over and over on my mp3 player until i finally got Mellon Collie and Siamese Dream on cd


thought i’d give gish a try today as it is the album of theirs I like the least, really not into the rocky stuff but the quiet bits are lovely, all the good bits are almost entirely negated by that hat he is wearing on the cover


This is one of my favourite Pumpkins songs. I was obsessed with the guitar sound when I was around 15-16


Gish is absolutely, completely, amazingly bloody wonderful, you big set of divs. :wink:


Even I am one and that hat he is wearing?


I couldn’t find the thread today - just went into my notifications to track it down and became very confused considering I have no memories of posting frequently about Jedward, or at all.


It’s not my fault! I actually gave the thread a suitable title but the mod was reallllllllly immature poopy face and ruined e erything


the pumpkins Facebook group is going crazy over this stuff, never seen as rowdy online discussion, literally anything negative is considered ‘fake news’


Imagine being so proud of that godawful lyric you’d actually put it on the side of a building


dunno I quite like it, its one of those songs that is so overexposed I think I hate it, but then when I hear it i’m like no it was actually a zeitgeist capturing banger, that couplet does the job


I remember hearing it when it first came out, it was always terrible. He always seemed to save some of his worst lyrics for when there is little or no instrumentation, like defying people to say the emperor has no clothes.

And they used to be my favourite band, I’m not just trolling. I don’t think I’d cross the street to watch them now though, original line-up or not.


It’s the sound of a stroppy teenager throwing a tantrum but thinking it’s profound poetry whilst everyone else laughs at him.


thats exactly what I want from lyrics


bright eyes are my favourite band