The video to Ava Adore




its subjective, what is a stroppy teenager throwing a tantrum to some is profound poetry to others


What a stroppy teenager writes is profound poetry only to themselves and will become a source of great embarrassment in years to come if they have any self-awareness.

I was the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan at the time and that line absolutely makes me wince, as do his repeated attempts to come up with the worst song titles of all time.


You are coming at it like there is one objective position on those lyrics and everyone should think they are embarrassing, and think the writer should have more self awareness, clearly those lyrics resonated with a great number of people, just because you no longer think they are acceptable doesn’t mean others do or should, subjective.

I guess bands could play it safe and avoid emotional expression that might get them labeled ‘teenage’, but then we would just be left with the detached emotion free lyrics of pavement or sonic youth


I love, love Gish but it’s also my least favorite of the original run. He hadn’t quite gotten to that point where the emotional intensity was dialed up all the way (“Daydream” is where you hear what they’d become the most, strangely), and lyrically he hadn’t fully become Billy Corgan yet.

I’ve always found it strange that while it’s known as their most energetic / fast-paced album, it kind of suffers from simultaneously being a bit too controlled and restrained. If you listen to any live performance of “Siva” or “I Am One” and then put on the album, it’s like it’s in slow motion. It’s a prime data point in my “please don’t record albums to a click, it sucks the life out of things” crusade.


The hat is the only misstep in the original Smashing Pumpkins run.


In what should have been a bizarre subplot of my dreams last night Billy Corgan was busking on the streets of Guildford to raise funds for the terminally-underselling tour. Never once crossed my mind that this was a little out of the realms of likelihood, as I fished through my wallet and wondered if he’d take a Scottish fiver.

Then the local awful busker on the other side of the street started playing a really hammy version of Disarm over the top of him to take the piss. Billy gave up and was escorted away in the back of an open-top lorry carriage by one of his security guards/wrestlers


is the local awful busker they guy that plays ‘no woman no cry’ constantly?


Indeed it was! Great shout but perhaps not the crucial point of the dream


his name is Neil, just trying to imagine a reggae version of disarm now


I’m not sure he actually was doing it in Reggae style (maybe this was the point more than any other that my suspension of disbelief should have broken). He was just really over-egging it


Didnt realise we had Guildford people here. That reggae guy is fucking awful


Video to Ava Adore, general Smashing Pumpkins, Jedward, Guildford…

This thread has it all!


I ended up at a New Years gathering at merrist wood with that reggae guy circa 2004, didn’t have the heart to tell him how awful he is. There is a new older busker with a smooth voice who is actually pretty good, hopefully will displace reggae guy


I’m really glad this thread has carried on to the point that we now know someone in Guildford thinks reggae is acceptable because of course there is.


In my defence this was not the part of my story that I thought people would pick up on

The crucial part of the story is my doubt whether he’d take my Scottish fiver because people in Guildford are English wanksocks


doesn’t matter what you intended m8, the important facts are there for all to see


Enjoying the Guildford chat everyone, keep it up. I think I left before this reggae bloke appeared.


Any Guildford anecdote to share?


celebrated my 18th in Guildford. was dragged to Bar Med or some shit. it was also someone else’s 18th the same day, and I didn’t get much of a say in matters.