The video to Ava Adore


I should qualify that my use of the phrase English wanksocks excludes the fine people who post on this board that reside in Guildford (and, I guess, my parents).

Unless you don’t accept Scottish fivers. Then you are terrible people!


Can a mod rename this ‘this is now the Guildford thread’ and move it to the social board


@profk you familiar with the reggae guy?


A prize awaits anyone who convinces that guy to do a reggae disarm cover and film it…

And to steer us back on track…i condensed machina/2 down to a single, casual fan friendly version

Everlasting Gaze
Raindrops + Sunshowers
Stand Inside Your Love
I of the Mourning
Age of Innocence
With Every Light
Try, Try, Try
This Time

Love Machina era. So grandiose. Did anyone get the leaked demos of Home/raindrops/identify etc from a few years back? Must have been prepped for the machina boxset (RIP)


Needs slow dawn, vanity, cash car star, and dross


And glass and the ghost children, it really should have been a double album


Innosence too, machina era must have the biggest gap between actual quality and critical consensus ever


Love all those but the rougher production means they dont really fit with the gloss of the main album. Home and go feel the most complete


Real Love. Awesome, Pumpkins go proper shoegaze


Find myself really wanting to like Smashing Pumpkins loads, his voice and the whole aesthetic reminds me of being a kid and makes me happy but I just can’t find anything really great in their music to get excited about. Kinda feel the same way about REM really.


Which albums have you tried?


melon collie and Siamese dream


Give Adore a go maybe?


think I’m more or less fine enjoying them from a distance as a sort of pleasant nostalgia.


that’s fine, but it’s a great album which I think you might like. If you don’t then distance away!


I remember liking the title track back in the day but I don’t think I know anything else on there. Maybe I’ll give it a spin later if it’s on Spotify :slight_smile:


Guess if you don’t like those nothing else we’ll convince you. I do think, despite some flashy solos, their music at its core is quite basic, either simple diatonic in key chord progressions, or drop D riffage, but they manage to get so much variety out of it, from dreamy lullabies to pummelling, lots of atmosphere and a sense of grandiose that I don’t get from any other band, and it all blends with their aesthetic and artwork so well


the only other song you might know is ‘Perfect’. Either way it’s a really pretty, stripped down album (does contain some grieving though) probably Corgan at his most humble post Mellon Collie madness but pre going off into a mad, mad, mad world


Blank page and behold the nightmare are my favs from that


I mean I like it to an extent it can be cathartic but I dunno there’s something a little ham-fisted to me, guess I never quite buy into the melodrama. Maybe I just got subliminally influenced by the Pavement lyric