The video to Ava Adore


at the gigs they open with say ‘tonight tonight’ and then immediately after say ‘now we are going to play some songs from our new eps’


I wonder if these new songs will be about “lovers”? I sure hope so!

In all seriousness though I’m excited. My prediction is that it’ll be very good, it will not be received very well, and any positive comments will be along the lines of “Iha is responsible for this”.


I want this tour to be a massive success, but I kind of also want it to devolve into his berating the audience over a kazoo-based interpretation of “widow wake my mind”. I was unironically and thoroughly delighted when he did that with “we only come out at night” on the first night in New York in 2008.


Reckon we only come out at night is their single most underrated song, people seem to single it out as an example for the incorrect ‘Mellon Collie would have been better as a single album’ view, but it’s one of my favourites, love the shift at the end

Billy Corgan & The Christmas Spirits

Absolutely, the chorus is beautiful and that shift you mentioned is a defining Pumpkins moment. Mellon Collie wouldn’t be Mellon Collie without it and that controversial closing stretch of songs. I’ve never understood the single disc argument whatsoever. I want an album, not a greatest hits collection.


This does sound pretty good, shocking how it didn’t make Zeitgeist which had some really weak tracks. As probably the boards most knowledgeable SP fan. What is your take on why Zeitgeists production sounded so bad. It seems Billy is someone who obsesses over the sound of the record. That’s why it’s so odd that Zeitgeist has pretty much the worse production of any major released rock record. I remember being excited for Zeitgeist at the time and was pretty shocked when Taratula dropped.


having a clear out. Got a load of Pumpkins singles and promos. They’re either going to end up in the attic for 20 years or will sell of anyone wants them


The End is the Beginning is the End is a banger #realtalk

Was slightly disappointed at first that Adore wasn’t in this vein (got over it though)


The ethers tragic is a quality b-side too


Pumpkins will always and forever be my favourite band, but these days it’s a bit like following a consistently disappointing football team that keep getting knocked out of championships for scoring own goals

Re. the Zeitgeist production, it’s Billy’s habit since Zwan onwards of putting very dry vocals way too high in the mix. Too much self-production, and leads to quite a distinctive voice becoming quite over-powering. Zeitgeist was particularly bad for this as he doubled himself up repeatedly with his own high-in-the-mix backing vocals. A choir of Corgans, if you will


Next Game of Thrones title needed work


I’m less sensitive to and knowledgeable about production issues than most people on here, but it’s pretty much a case of what @SoloStrike said. I know “Bleeding the Orchid” in particular has gotten a lot of negative attention for its deployment of the Billy choir. For many people it’s like:

  • Strike 1: Change his voice from emotive to more nasally and detached
  • Strike 2: Now push that all the way up in the mix
  • Strike 3: Make it sound like there are 30 people doing this at once

My other complaint about the production would be something about the guitar sound - I’m not quite sure what the right word is, but there’s something artificial about it maybe? Compare how “Bring the Light” or “Cmon Let’s Go” sounds to anything from the original run.

If someone else has more complaints about it I’d be interested in hearing them. I thought parts of Zeitgeist actually were recorded with a lot of life. “7 Shades of Black” in particular feels very alive.


My mum being the cool person she is gave me her copy of Siamese Dream to listen to when I was about… 14/15? Stuck with me pretty much immediately and ever since


can almost guarantee i’ll be in the minority here but i actually really love the stuff billy did for the “spun” soundtrack


Love that stuff. “Think you Know” is beautiful


actually it must be slightly younger than this, because I vaguely remember when Machina came out/they broke up, so I must have been 12/13 when I got into them? This was also compunded by their videos often being played on MTV2 and Kerrang!


The Scenes Amazing, more like


Ouch I was eighteen when it came out and I bought it in vinyl. Have we had a “how old are we?” thread yet?


This song should’ve been so good but what a fucking noisy mess


Might be old news to SP superfans in here, but enjoyed this interview with the guy behind the Mellon Collie artwork…