The video to Ava Adore


Has billy corgan personally slighted you somehow?


Mad how members of Pumpkins QOTSA, A Perfect Circle, Slint, Tortoise combined to make Honestly


Few years ago he hired 13 megafans to go through the archives as The Lucky 13 and get fan opinion on what should be released…lasted about a week after fans were asked what do you want and how much you gonna pay for it? Fans requested to know what was on offer first and billy threw a shit and cancelled the whole thing


Since about 2000, yes


He just moans so much about the industry and fans being shit but doesnt release the stuff that would sort out his legacy


makes sense! lol


And he goes on Alex Jones and chats total guff


Thats Gyles Brandreth


I’ve defended him throughout the years on pretty much everything, but I can’t with the Alex Jones thing. Finding that out was such a kick to the stomach. It’s like 8 or so years ago something happened internally and he fell in with the wrong crowd, and now he’s a different person. I’m not sure how to wrap my head around that the person in that Metro video who wrote songs like “Muzzle” and “Jupiter’s Lament” is the same guy who associates with Alex Jones, it’s incomprehensible. He used to be frighteningly self-aware and came across as a very intelligent guy.


Yeah, I somehow only came across it a few days ago, I’d somehow missed it over the past few years. I think I was searching for a live version of “Siva” and then like you I got sucked into the whole show. There’s so much passion in the performance, it’s such a shame we may never see anything like that again.


Belter of a song tho


Mind that fucking try try try video


Sorta, idk. I mean not as cool as say

Which somehow looks less dated imhonesto


Dildos! Heroin! Love! America!


Never liked the song but the video… kin ell


didnt Jonas Akerlund direct that? would explain it


Yup exactly


always enjoy reading Dave Pajo talk about his experiences with Corgan :smiley:

When I was in Zwan, Billy got so mad at me when he found out I didn’t know any Smashing Pumpkins songs. He would say, “You haven’t heard ‘1979’?” But I didn’t listen to any of that shit when it was breaking. Delta blues was way more exciting to me than the Pumpkins and that whiny voice. [Laughs.] I knew that one “rat in a cage” lyric, but that was the only Pumpkins I could recognize for the longest time. But, yeah, Billy would get really mad about that: “How can you not know ‘Tonight, Tonight’?” [Laughs.]

AVC: But Zwan didn’t even play Smashing Pumpkins songs, right?

DP: No! But that’s one of the reasons I initially liked the guy—he was so arrogant, it cracked me up. He would constantly bring up the fact that he sold 25 million records, or that his hit song was played at the Super Bowl or something. It just made me laugh. You know that character Alan Partridge, the one Steve Coogan played? Billy reminds me of Alan Partridge if he’d made a hit record. But after a while, the joke wears off.


When Smashing Pumpkins’ last one or two records didn’t sell that well, Billy went on this rant about how he was disappointed in his fans for not understanding the record and not buying it. That’s such a weird thing to me [laughs]. To scold your fans for not buying your record. But that is the way he thinks.


love the idea of Corgan always mentioning his song was on Super Bowl