The video to Ava Adore


Indeed, I’ve been to SP gigs where he’s walked off after an hour because the fans aren’t responding well (Nottingham Arena 2008)


I saw them on the Manchester leg of that tour (Oceansize supported!) and it was mostly very, very good.

The opening run of songs was unbelievable:

Behold the Nightmare
Bring the Light
Tonight Tonight

But he closed the main set with a VERY long and VERY sludgy United States, which of course alienated most of the crowd. After that they walked off, and the house lights stayed down for a while before sheepishly being switched back on.

It later emerged (don’t ask me how) that they had planned to play an encore, and that it was going to include Cherub Rock, but that Billy didn’t think we were worthy.

Who thinks like that?!

REALLY cannot complain about the monster 29 song set we did get, though:


I was at that Nottingham gig too, he was moaning because no one was singing along to the new album songs when it had only been out for a few weeks, then they stormed off just before 10pm.

Seeing Oceansize play Catalyst earlier on was pretty cool though


i was at that show! whilst the fans were a little unresponsive, you need to give them something to respond to. not an especially good SP memory. luckily i saw them at reading a year before and loved it :slight_smile:


I’m on Corgan’s side here, there is no way Pajo didn’t know 1979


i saw them at the o2 on that tour. we got an encore cover of ‘lips like sugar’ by echo and the bunnymen, during which billy ranted for ages about how the uk’s produced loads of great bands and we don’t really value or appreciate any of them. at one stage he started listing bands, all of whom got massive cheers from the room. then they fucked off without playing cherub rock.

can’t argue with that opening run of songs, though. fucking hell.


Fucking hell indeed.

He seems to have a firm idea of just what’s required from a fan to properly appreciate a band, but he’s never made it clear. Nothing’s ever good enough. What the hell does he want from people?


I was at that gig too - Worst. Encore. Ever.

The Everlasting Gaze into Cash Car Star was pretty phenomenal though.


yeah, i remember it mostly being quite good, but then petering out massively as the set drew towards a close…


Effortlessly cool


Like how he has to be in the front, very corgan


They were pretty much untouchable at this point. Although there’s a great bootleg of them at Reading in 95 I think(?), they do half Siamese Dream and half Mellon Collie which was just about to be released and they sound deadly!

Never found a video of it but the audio is superb!


Has anyone got a photo of Corgan in a Man Utd kit ?
The Pumpkins played Manchester on Halloween 2000 and for the encore, a voice over came on saying “Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Mr David Beckham” and then Corgan walked on. Auf der maur was posh spice, Mike Garson and Jimmy were the Gallagher bros and Iha was George Best.


P.S. I’m not on drugs.


Not a massive fan of that video but the song sounds a lot better than I recall it did at the time when it was all over the radio.

Never got on with the Pumpkins on record but saw them play Glastonbury headlining either 97 or 98 I think and they were really excellent. Somewhere I’d imagine there’s a DiS thread about bands you loved live and never got on with on record. Both the Pumpkins and REM would be on there for me.


Yeah, the shows from that time period were so amazing, I wish I had gotten to see them back then. Someone gave me a tape of The Berlin Bullet bootleg from around that time on the bus and that was that, I was obsessed for life. I wish I could have heard in person that live version of Thru the Eyes of Ruby where instead of fading out into the MCIS night theme, they build back up into Corgan screaming over a guitar solo and going back to a variation of the main distorted riff.


Yeah, seriously. And “Delta blues was way more exciting to me,” give me a break, he sounds like a try-hard high schooler. Makes me think the actual conversation was as simple as, “Oh, you haven’t heard 1979?”


Yeah, it’s like he was trying to wind up someone who had just given him a very lucrative position in an arena size rock band, can understand corgans getting irked. Also read a lot of stuff on tour the rest of zwan being pretty nasty, racking up bills on corgans account, stealing his blackberry and sending messages to people he was seeing. No idea who’s account is true but it is likely to be somewhere in the middle


fuck, this is so good!


i didn’t know about Corgon going on that far-right show, that sucks