The video to Ava Adore


Yeah, it’s really bizarre, because as recently as 2008 he’s on record saying the US got it right by electing Obama. I can’t bring myself to listen to it, but I’m hoping he doesn’t actually subscribe to any of the garbage Jones peddles and just used it as a platform to complain about his fans.


About a year later he was saying Obama invented swine flu. I do wonder if his general paranoia has just crossed the line into schizotypical magical thinking. I can’t find the infowars video now but there is one where he is talking about satanic dimensions, he doesn’t come across as right wing so much as fully David Icke, he seems to fully believe in the NWO nonsense.

It is weird, seen videos of him on a chat show with other celebrities in the 90s talking about current affairs, he seemed more intelligent and reasonable than most. It is very disappointing, to go on a show that claims sandy hook didn’t happen so he can spout his self indulgent beliefs


Zwan (Billy and Matt) did a Q&A on that Zane Lowe TV show on MTV2 which take took questions from the viewers. Zane asked them the question I sent in about how is David Pajo getting on in the band. Billy and Matt were like…erm, err. Zwan split up 2 weeks later.


I remember that interview! I thought there were more members being interviewed than just the two of them, but I could be wrong…? I’ve tried to find that on the internet on various occasions but don’t think it exists…though I haven’t looked recently


I recorded it onto minidisc, and I’ve still got the disc. I’ll have to upload to YouTube or something.


Good lord, I had somehow missed that swine flu thing. It has to be some sort of late manifestation of mental illness then, right? I’d like to think someday soon he’ll get the right people around him who will get him help instead of encouraging it, and we’ll see a return to normalcy. I saw him on that show in the 90s too (I think it was Bill Maher’s old show?) and I also remember him coming across as very intelligent and reasonable, which was consistent with all of the interviews and stage banter through then. It seems like that person would be thoroughly horrified by someone who would go on a show that claims Sandy Hook is fake. This is a depressing year.


let me know if you do!


tbf it’s stripped of context a bit the way i’ve yanked it out of the interview. it’s an old AV Club iPod shuffling-type interview about music in general, and the quote comes just after he’s talking about playing with Will Oldham/Palace Brothers in the early 90s and getting deeper into folk and blues at the time when grunge was becoming huge


may as well make this the official Corgan thread, what do people think of the solo album, seems like not even Corgan liked it, I had stopped listening by then but listening now it seems respectable, certainly better than Zwan


Dreadful. Bought it. Sold it. Bought it again at a charity shop. Gave it back to charity shop


Corgan doing his bit for charity


Predictably, I really like it. I think it’s a great album that suffers from its ending sequence (and cover art, obviously). The last three songs aren’t on the same level as everything before (though two of them have pretty good bridges).

I think people who were looking for another Pumpkins album were going to be disappointed. He basically made an electronic-tinged shoegaze album that avoided the pitfalls of a lot of other shoegaze acts (lack of strong melodies, song construction, dynamics, urgency and tension, etc.). I like the original run of Pumpkins albums way more of course, but I have to say I’ve yet to find another album that does what it does.

Best song: “DIA” by far, it’s a classic. I’m also not sure why everyone seems to hate “I’m ready” so much - the chorus melody is fantastic and classic Corgan, it’s very reminiscent of MCIS or Machina. Plus those warbly guitars and that subtle twist of the second chorus.

Good album!


Mayonaise. Oh yes.


This was the first CD I ever remember seeing in Fopp reduced to £1. You still don’t see many of those.


never bothered to listen to the album, but that video was distractingly bad. Maybe the corny Victorian Goth look that they stuck with from Adore-onward is what really killed their career.


I’m slightly out of the loop, is there anywhere online to listen to Teargarden in full in the proper order? On youtube everything seems to have Astral Plains as Track 2 and is missing a whole bunch of songs.
Figure I might as well revisit it and see if anything stands out during this new music lull.


Hmmm. Not sure. Corgan took them off the website before it went down. has a massive archive. The order i believe is:

Song for a son
Widow wake my mind
A stitch in time
Astral planes
(Teargarden theme)
Tom Tom
Lightning Strikes
(Cottonwood Symphony)
The Fellowship

Something like that…


james iha pumpkins songs appreciation sub thread (cure cover)

really like these songs and wish there was more of it, his solo album just doesn’t have that mild pumpkins vibe


I’m in the minority and think “Take Me Down” is the perfect ending to Disc 1 of Mellon Collie and the only option for that slot.

It seems like a lot of people hate the Cure cover for some reason, I’m glad someone else likes it.

“Go” off of Machina II is fantastic also:


yeah it is strange Iha was angry about having his songs at the end of both disc according to Corgan in the Mellon Collie reissue notes, end of disc is a premium tracklist position and it works well to wind down each disc.

I really like a night like this, was a bit thrown at first by Iha’s low singing voice but it soon settles into being a great cover