The video to Ava Adore


Thanks! I forgot about so many of these. After not having listened to this in years, it’s even more apparent how much the production style and his new vocal style hurt it. “A Stitch in Time” stood out as one of the better ones, I feel like with some tweaks to the two previously mentioned things, it could have a place on a strong full length album.

A couple of other notes:

  • “Song for a Son” hasn’t aged well for me, I really liked it when it first showed up. It feels more classic rock than a Corgan song.
  • I never noticed how much the Astral Planes vocal line sounded like the “Destination Unknown” cover.


when i used to follow A Perfect Circle around, James Iha would do a jokey cover at each show and they were always awful.


like this?


sorta like this except covering the smiths in manchester and barely busking through the first verse


Yeah song for a son is horrid and spelled disaster for this project from the get go…follwing it up with the cheese fest of widow wake my mind didnt help either.

You could make a decent EP with

A stitch in time
Tom tom
Lightning strikes
Cottonwood Symphony

Still issues with bad vocals, poor lazy lyrics and dodgy recording/mixing but with more refinement could be a passable set


i’ve not listened to these, but from recent live footage his new vocal style is really strange, its seems like he might have trained himself to sing better, and he is better at hitting the notes, but at the expense of making his voice sound really weirdly unpleasant, granted his vocals have always been a bit of an acquired taste but its like he has tamed that by doing something that sounds even worse


Yeah, that’s exactly what happened, the singing lessons. It’s kind of perplexing because if I remember correctly, he started taking them around Adore and in that time period he still sounded great. But then eventually that vibrato showed up and replaced the emotion. And then doubling down on that, the new style of production pushes that to the front.

His live vocals before the switch were my favorite vocals by anyone ever. There’s just so much emotion in them. I’ve heard so many live versions of Mayonaise where his voice doesn’t quite hit the “I just want to be me” climax correctly, but you can feel him summoning everything he has in him to get there and it’s incredible.

I listened to Still Becoming Apart a couple nights ago and it reminded me how great his vocal performance was on "Apathy’s Last Kiss"




William Patrick Morgan eh?

The song isn’t Geek USA but it’s alright.


Ogilala is an awful title.


totally missed this thread

I feel like I should have listened to the band more often than just a brief spell of listening to Siamese Dreams a lot and playing bits of songs through my Big Muff.

also whenever I try to listen to Mellon Collie I just skip to ‘Bodies’ because that’s my jam.


Bodies was the first song of theirs I loved, perfect song for 14 year old me


in some ways, I’m still 14/15 inside, so it still hits the spot. that riff and that refrain; I can’t immediately think of any songs that do that quite as well.


It’s Muzzle for me


Might change my username to foreverbroken




I’m going to see his short film today, he is going to be there, if there is some kind of q&a element I am so tempted to ask an awkward question about this, would mean making my all time music hero hate me but feel like I should


i feel it is your duty tbh


Do it mate.
I’m sure the DiS collective could help you prep a really great question.