The video to Ava Adore


how comes you’re such an infowars bozo now?




that was my suggestion for a ‘really great question’


lol okay. Had me worried there mate :grinning:


I think something around ‘you have recently been vocal in criticising mainstream media, and appeared several times on infowars, do you think infowars and their positions such as ‘sandy hook did not happen’ are more credible?’


When did Gerard Way shave his head?


I think you’ll find it’s the LAMEstream media! :wink:
As for the infowars appearances how else can I push my ‘worse than Huel’ fallout shelter foods to the discerning alt-right elite? :wink:


Definitely the Infowars stuff. Do it



Legitimately curious since I couldn’t bring myself to watch my all time music hero participate on such a vile, disgusting, Mucinex-villain of a human being’s deplorable show - did Billy say anything horrible himself? I figure given the new norm of being bombarded daily with increasingly horrible news, might as well ruin my childhood on top of it.


I’ve tried watching it, it’s really long and can’t really remember much, just seems like him and jones patting each other on the back for seeing through the establishment. I think even just appearing with jones is bad enough, saw him share a breitbart article on Facebook too


Yeah, I agree, and that’s super depressing about the Breitbart article too. I really wonder what the cause of this change in him is - I remember as recently as 2008 he said the country got it right by electing Obama. I feel like I’ve probably said it before on here, but I can’t comprehend that the guy who wrote songs like Muzzle and Behold the Nightmare is someone who would go on Infowars and possibly supports all of the horrible things taking place in the US.


LOL at you acting ‘wounded’ because a musician that you like has differing opinions to you.

It’s up to him what he thinks and who’s tv shows he goes on, and nobody else.


I don’t know, but I have known a couple of people get into this conspiracy type stuff not starting off as right wing, but rather idealistic new age-y prone to woolley thinking types who see things wrong in the world but rather than just think the world is a complicated mess come to believe shadowy forces control everything, a simple narrative that makes the world make sense, and a sense of esteem that they are one of the few who can see through it all. Think he is quite a psychologically damaged person with paranoid tendencies so might be more prone to this kind of thing and the magical thinking it involves. Also wonder if it also might just be some kind of act self sabotage rooted in self hatred, like he feels safer if people don’t like him. Or he might have always been harbour these attitudes but only in recent times has felt able to express them. I don’t know, I tend to think there must be a sympathetic explanation, because like you I just can’t reconcile the songs he has written with this kind of stuff


Oh yeah, I mean of course it’s up to him, but people also have the right to feel upset about it. I’m assuming this isn’t the place for a political discussion and for my own sanity I can’t get into one, but there’s a difference between being upset about someone’s opinion and being upset about someone possibly endorsing dangerous, hurtful, toxic demonstrable lies. It’s not like I’m “wounded” by his unbridled love of Van Halen or something.

Plus, given the personal nature of his music (and his sheer force of personality / the media’s handling of him), he himself will always be interwoven with it to a very high degree. From 1993-1998 especially I don’t think the two are separable at all. (And despite his best efforts, he was pouring through Machina in 2000.)


LOL at you if you can’t understand why people would be disappointed with a musician they admire for going on a TV show and praising the host who has repeatedly denied a mass shooting of children happened, to further a hateful political agenda.

Corgan can think whatever he wants and appear wherever he wants, just as people can think whatever they want about him for doing so


This guys a troll in the footy threads, dont worry


So you think it’s fine to assess someone’s mental health, by whether or not you agree or disagree with their stance on a subject?

Did you ever stop to think that he might possibly believe in whatever it is he talks to Alex Jones about?

  1. not because I disagree with him but because it maybe be relevant when someone who used to be quite reasonable starts talking about alien holograms, satanic dimensions and spiritual vibrations, Obama invented swine flu etc
  2. yes I have


Is that what he talks about? I’ll take your word for it. I just had a quick search and all that I could find was him talking about the US becoming more and more Orwellian.