The Virtues

To me it doesn’t feel that slow, which is strange considering there aren’t that many scenes to each episode, and each one is fairly long. The tension is so well done, and the slow unfolding of details about the past makes it really engaging.

Also the vape banter was great. Adorable kids too.

The soundtrack to this is a belter.


Did anyone watch episode 3?

I almost lost myself roaring with the scene in the car - the mix of comedy and ‘fucking hell, that’s deep’ brilliant again.

Great cast…

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I wouldn’t mind seeing a spin-off set around this family even without Graham’s character. Think there could be a lot there. Both female roles are hilarious and i think there could be real depth to the sister-in-law and even the husband once they scratch the surface a bit.

thought it was excellent again, the scene when he’s back in the house sobering up was absolutely brilliant


Loved this, but am left wondering how Joe, aged 9, ran away and ended up in Liverpool…

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I almost forgot to breathe in those last twenty minutes everything was so tense. Hadn’t realised the autobiographical element to this series until I read that Guardian article afterwards.

I’d absolutely love him to do something else with Considine after this.

Excellent. Final episode was unbearably tense and brilliantly done.

Also: Irish people swearing, dishing out the Fs and Cs, is never not funny. It’s almost poetic

Excellent stuff

“Meadows made his toughest call after he had finished filming: a discussion at the post-wrap drinks led to the climax of Dinah’s narrative being rewritten and reshot.”


Fucking hell, finally managed to finish the final episode. Harrowing stuff, just superbly shot. Meadows is a genius

This really managed to improve with each episode, building to that brutal ending. Here’s hoping Shane Meadows has more in the pipeline for the near future?

Not sure how I’d rate The Virtues against his other work, as the pacing and structure is so different. Definitely at the top end though.

Hope the lass who plays Dinah is in more stuff. By the end, I was as invested in her story, if not more than Joseph’s.

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Just finished in on catch up. It’s really, really incredible. Superbly put together, paced, acted.