the voice of the balls

Alan Dedicoat


Is this the filth thread


Is this the lottery.

One of the lottery hosts lives near me and used to come in the bar I worked all the time and he is an absolute chode. Loves himself so much and does that thing that people in TV do where they ask you something then you can see the off switch go on their brain before you get your answer out and then talk over you before you get your sentence out anyway.

Insincere dickhead he is.

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If I had talking balls, I’d like them to say things like
“There’s a door over there at the end of the hall. Try opening it by pressing the action button.”

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They still got Mystic Meg on there?

Not sure if I’m disappointed or not, TBH.

Did I miss a post?


Come on guys, he only asked if he missed a post, no need for that kind of reaction.


No I was just assuming this is the sort of tabloid headline that would pull up someone with such a tattoo if there was one

Other names: Deadly, The Wealdstone WeatherBoy

must be great to have a golden voice

Remember when Guinevere broke during the draw? Monkhouse and Dedicoat handled it like absolute pros.

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I’ve been to two awards dos with him as the compere and my impression was massive helm.

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literally only just got this :man_facepalming:

I’ve never won the lottery despite being an avid player so honestly fuck this guy, total arse.