The Wade Boggs Challenge

I recently learnt about this, a drinking game based on the legend of baseball star Wade Boggs, who once supposedly drank 64 (or 70, numbers vary) beers on a flight from Boston to LA (just under seven hours). Apparently there’s an episode of IASIP about it, but I haven’t seen it.

According to the internet, the challenge is now broadly accepted to be more like 60 beers (and a bucket of fried chicken) in a 24-hour period.

Basically, what is your biggest drinking feat, and how much do you think you could do if given prep time, an unlimited budget, and several days to recover?

Once at a party I set out to drink a case of beer (Carlsberg, I believe it was), and I think I fell asleep about 15 in. I’d like to think I could do more now, but I’m not sure.

There’s a whole (quite rubbish) Always Sunny episode on this hyggers.






Anyone seen the Andre the Giant documentary? Apparently he once came back from the pub, then drank 19 bottles of wine. According to Rob Reiner anyway.

Andre may be one of the greatest drinkers of all time:


Bottles rather than pints I presume? Even so that’s a bottle every 6 minutes continuously for 7 hours. That’s mental. I can make a pint of cider last about two hours.

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330ml cans in the accepted measure I think. (335ml in the US I guess, to be a standard 12oz).

ffs I give up today.

“40 and 50 pints of lager per day”


The thing that would get me is the pissing. You’d just be pissing constantly, surely?

I’m not really sure what my drinking limits are these days.

I remember the first time I did double figures in pints though. Was home from uni for summer and did 12 pints of Guinness. Had to go to work at Halfords the next day. Managed to make it in somehow. Think I was still drunk. Was violently sick several times and went home claiming I had food poisoning.

Something like 19pts in 11hrs on an all dayer in the pub. Went to work the following day, no sign of a hangover. Get a hangover on 6pts now.

There was a US sitcom that did an episode on something like this. Can’t remember which one though. Maybe Curb?


Did the full keg board at the grove in huddersfield.

Had 4 pints of guinness between 11am-12 before the liverpool match this season and was out until 3am so no idea how much i had that day.

Between 2 of us at ATP (3 nights), 5g of coke, 5g of md, 72 cans, a litre of rum and a litre of gin. Plus anything we drank while we were in the arena bits

I just now demolished a large veg samosa from waitrose in under 30 seconds


Regularly used to have 10pts in 4hours when catching up with mates

You can pretty much drink forever if you have that. Not a good combination.

Got persuaded to join a round of the 24 hour drinking challenge at uni.
No eating
No sleeping
No non-alcoholic drinks
At least a drink every hour
It was fucking terrible, gave up and fell asleep after about 17 hours, would hate to think what I consumed in that time