The Walk-In (ITV)

Five-parter, staring on the 3rd October, with Stephen Graham, Chris Coghill, and Gadget from This is England. Might be alright.

That’s the problem with ITV, they always try to walk it in

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Tonight then

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My telly threads aren’t getting any traction nowadays. Think I might’ve lost it.

Then someone else will get a thousand-reply’er for a series about some ‘influencers’ bleaching their anuses on ITV4.

Game’s gone.

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Just settling down for this.

Bloody love Stephen Graham. What an absolute dude.

Eeeeeeh. Struggling a bit with this. Feels like some of it’s…clumsily done, idk.

Loved it in the end.

The footage of Jo Cox before the credits rolled in the final episode was powerful.

Just finished and agree it starts off with some pretty ropey stuff but gets better as it goes on.
I think it was better the less time it spendt with the national action members being moody dweebs in their hut