The walking dead

Back on the 24th… Should be good, maybe…

Below are comic book wanker sized spoilers

On the trailer it shows Ezekiel and his tiger, I assume Glenn’s head is hit by the bat… otherwise I’m not sure whose it could be… Was there a no name with them Negan could mush?

I got a letter printed in TWD once, probably in my top 5 all-time moments. CANT WAIT OMG.

Gave up with Fear… though, fuck me, what a bunch of bollocks.

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Yeah I tried fear…, absolute arse wank.

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I’m going to watch it but I thought they really shit the bed with the whole Glenn thing last season. The thought of those stupid CGI balloons makes me quite angry. Depending on the first few episodes, this might be the season where I finally give up with this show.

Watched the first season of Fear and it quickly turned into all the worst parts of TWD. Couldn’t bring myself to watch the second season.

Comics wise, I’d read all the volumes up to where the show has gotten to now.

Got through the first season as it aired, then didn’t actively seek out the second - and I count myself as a HUGE TWD fan. Watched s02e01 a couple of weeks back and just reminded myself how much I hated every single character and how bullshit it was. Not watched any of the rest of the season.

Might start rewatching TWD seasons 1-3 for the halcyon days. Love the comic so much.

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Click for bigger innit

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I hope it’s Glenn

He cheated death with that dumpster bullshit

I guess im one of the few that stuck right through all of Fear… just hoping something would change - spoiler alert it’s shit right through to the end of season 2!

I got to the end of S02 of Fear too.

Can’t help feel a parallel to when ATP were their most successful and launched festivals around the world.

:slight_smile: “TWD ratings are so high, let’s do… Another one!”
:unamused: “What do you mean another one?”
:smiley: “You know, like how these aren’t the only people who are existing in this new world order”
:confused: “OK, so what’ll distinguish it? I mean a lot of the themes are going to be common and the decay of modern societal norms is becoming pretty tired even in TWD. Will this take some high concept scenario that couldn’t be explored by the main series? I mean it’s pretty much Rick And His Band Of Merry Men going from town to town fucking things up these days anyway, right? We’ve sculpted it so you could pretty much have an “underwater” series like it’s a game of Sonic or something now. I mean any concept which could apply to the original cast wouldn’t be enough to justify an entirely new show, right? It’s not even like the audience are that precious to particular characters, what with us and Game Of Thrones making the death of mainstream characters an acceptable plot twist now. If it makes it easier, we could kill some people off and replace them with new actors with new personalities. What is it that you have in mind that couldn’t be done with the original Walking Dead series?”
:astonished: “It’s in MEXICO!!!”


I really liked the premise of Fear when it started off - like when did this killer virus start, and how did folks first take notice of it. I like a few of the early episodes, when the military were running things and slowly going off the chain. BUT it dipped so dramatically, all the characters and storylines just went to shit so quickly. I have no interest in any of them - they can all die in Mexico!

I reckon Negan’s going to boink Glenn AND Abraham


Could do! Comic SpoilerBecause they did bump them off in the same volume although they used up Abraham’s comic death on doctor Denise (that really bugged me) Comic Spoiler

I enjoyed this return - suitably graphic and grim

(smug as fuck)


Yeah, probably shouldn’t have watched this whilst eating breakfast.

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Can’t believe I’m going to start watching this show again. I think the main reason I still watch it is to vent my anger and have something to complain about. I wish it was better!

I’m in the same boat, I feel all I do is moan about it. I always felt like there is a fantastic show in there but it gets suffocated by poor character development and weak dialogue.

They can still occasionally pull off some great action sequences from time to time though.

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jesus christ :-

i think Negan has single-handedly raised the quality of dialogue. or maybe it’s the delivery.

Here be spoilers of the first episode

initially I thought they’d spoilt it, with the flashback style and not revealing who had met Lucille straight away. But by the time Negan had batted the first guy into mush I was gripped. Some good tension. Then BOOM. Second guy gets it… having read the comics I knew it was coming but still… The incoherent mumbling was great. Pretty brutal episode. Now just waiting for Ezekiel to show up :slight_smile:


the final line from the second victim was heartbreaking

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