The walking dead


Quite liked that episode. No reason for it to be a longer one though.


I know it’s beyond worth pointing out these sort of things but when Tara ran the gauntlet on the bridge and then decided to just stop halfway across and chill for a minute to think about what it means to give your word to someone or whatever.

That was deeply frustrating.


Not caught up yet, but watched episode 4 yesterday. Just read issues 159 and 160 (oooft!) and the magic is back!

Gonna watch the rest today. :skull:


Tara…took me a long time to realise thus wasn’t her back story but was happening now. Very confusing, still can’t remember how she even joined the group.

Anyway, dull wasn’t it.

Needs more Darryl fo’ sure


Wasn’t she part of the Governer’s group? I think when the final prison attack happened and people got separated she ended up with Glenn and the two of them made it back to the group together.


I can’t be bothered to watch anymore. What happens in the comics to Negan?


Big shoot out, Rick throws him in jail. Lots of time passes, he gets out and after The Gang encounter a new enemy called The Whisperers, Negan infiltrates them and shit goes down. Oh, and Lucille gets broken.





Better episode this week in that they at least fleshed out Negan slightly beyond his pantomime shtick to date. That said, did we really need yet another extra long Negan episode - the producers really have put a lot on him being the, err, saviour of this season and the ratings don’t appear to be justifying this.

In other character news, we are shown how just about everyone has a reason to want to kill Negan unsuprisingly - maybe they’re building to an Agatha Christie style whodunnit for the season finale. Carl actually gets a decent episode for once, and potentially something interesting for Darryl and Jesus coming up hopefully. Hints as to what might finally see Rick regain his balls too. Annoying that we have only had one episode of Carol and Morgan so far this series - maybe filming tigers is prohibitively expensive or something.

Mid-season break after the next episode, and the progress with the story arc just seems so glacial…


just watching it in youtube clips now.

Negan looks awful without the beard, skin got that horrendous blotchy post-shave look
what’s with the infantile over-acting from messrs Eugene and Gabriel?
Negan’s plot armour, yawn


Negan - does he really think he can recruit Korl?

Iron on the face, not keen on that

Liked that episode a lot more than recent, spent most of it working out if i’d rather be one of Negan’s wives or live in Alexandria with the rest of the no gun crew. Think Negan wins.


Darryl’s out! :sweat_smile: next February is ass whoopin time!


how long did that scene at the end cutting between all their faces go on for? was it 4 years?


i’m not going to lie, i got a bit emotional when Daryl choked up seeing Rick. i like the brotherly thing they have going on


With the beard shaved Negan looks a lot like that gadgie from Everybody Loves Raymond.

That’s pretty much all I have to say so far.


Negan’s pretty much a post apocalyptic Bond villian - all chat, no action!

@OttoMaddox - me and my friend said the exact same thing! Spitting image.


A strangely boring episode to cap off a strangely boring season. But somehow, the last minutes of this did fill me with a bit of optimism for what could happen next.

So… Olivia was the most obvious person to die, so she did. They say her name a bunch of times in episode 3, try to make you care when you know she’s cannon fodder, and then kill her off. Basic stuff that makes for weirdly patronising viewing. Glad Spencer is out of the picture though because he was never convincing as an antihero/villain. One of the (many) issues is that there’s no tension within the group. The AV club pointed out that hasn’t been the case since Shane and they could have had a similiar thing with Spencer but it was just tired and flimsy instead. Something I don’t get about the Daryl stuff is won’t Negan just go back to Alexandria and kill people until he comes back/they turn him in?

I really don’t think having some of these episodes be an hour long has done the show any favours either. So much of it could be cut/trimmed. That conversation between Gabriel and Rosita was tedious as anything. Speaking of Gabriel, how truly botched a character is he? Genuinely have no idea what he offers the group or the story. And their progression of him from cowardly priest to ??? has been wonky to say the least. Could also have cut Rick and Aaron’s trip, in which you know neither of them are going to die so there’s no tension whatsoever… Even the Carol and Morgan part wasn’t needed, and it’s a shame there hasn’t been more of The Kingdom.

Back to Rosita and I couldn’t help but laugh when the bullet hit the bat. So daft. We know Negan isn’t going to die this early on, so there was (again) no tension at all. Because of her bad shooting, when she could have just waited for him to turn his back, Olivia dies and Eugene taken away but none of the characters seem to have a problem with that? Saying that I’m glad Eugene will be gone for a bit because his dialogue has been extra grating this season.

Rambled for too long so I’ll stop. Still on board with it but only to test myself, to see how much I can put up with. My guess for the next half (I’m well behind on the comics so I don’t know what’ll happen) is that Alexandra, the Hilltop, and the rest of the communities will fight against Negan, but some setback means it doesn’t work out. Negan isn’t just for this season, he’ll surely be in the next one too?


I still find that Negan is not fleshed out enough, I still find it hard it not to see an uprising from within the saviours.

“He fucks our birds, burns our faces, he uses us as shields, he puts us out with the zombos - but all in all he’s a good guy, lets leave him in charge!”


I think they have been telegraphing something happening with Dwight for awhile, he’s the insider to switch

(im not a comic book reader, so only basing this on tv show viewing)


Negan does that lean back slanty thing too much. Almost to a parody.