The walking dead


Just remembered I enjoyed the Local Radio style chat by Negan on the Walkie talkie


That was actually… fine. Had much better direction than anything in the past season, and felt like a more rounded episode than most.

Hot takes:

  • I wish that the actor who plays Jesus was better. He’s down there with Chandler Riggs at the moment.
  • Jesus’ hair is SO distracting. Everyone is visibly sweating their balls off but he’s got this perfectly straightened and conditioned long head of hair? He looks like he’s walked out of a different show and onto the set of this one.
  • Trevor from GTA 5 is a better bad guy than Negan/the lad acting as Negan. Creepier and seemingly more unhinged.
  • Loved it when all the Hilltop people basically put up their hands and said “Rick! We want to be redshirts for you!”
  • As pointed out by the AV club, why haven’t the saviours taken Micchone’s sword? Wish they would to be honest.


I couldn’t keep up with this but I was just confused. Feels like they’ve given Rick the trait of being able to say any anecdote/metaphor/story in order to help advance the plot when there can’t be any fighting, and it seems like he’s been doing it more the past couple of seasons?

The one last season where he was explaining/comparing to Micchone the reason for obeying Negan was the same as when Shane slept with his wife and Judith probably isn’t his kid but he’s okay with that was just bizarre.


I might be wrong but hasn’t Michonne somehow managed to avoid being in Alexandria on every occasion that the saviours have paid a visit? Seems weird but…


I said this when we were watching it! His character hasn’t been given as much meat but he feels way more unhinged and inherently threatening.


Got that was so shit wasn’t it.

Like a drunk old man at a pub rambling any old bollocks.


Rock in a road! Many horses injured! Death! You know what uranium is right? Sad!


Is @ma0sm aware this show is now sponsored by Davidoff Cool Water in the UK?


so Rick and the gang finally found the Thunderdome!?

including weird folk speaking with a weird patois


i have completely caught up with this show for the first time


*davidoff cool walker


Enjoyed pointy killer zombie man. Rest of them look very not useful though…Stupid talking, daft haircuts

Darryl and Carol reunited. :heart_eyes:


is that the first time rick smiled ever?


pretty rubbish episode

why do the new people speak like aliens from an episode of Star Trek?


I scroll back through this thread and I wonder why some people both watching the show.

Great episode. I’d like to know how they had already devolved the English language in the space of the show. Or maybe it’s their second language?


Big fan of Jadis


carol & darryl, one of the weirdest and most pointless storylines in tv history. probably overtaking james & evelyn in twin peaks at this point.


also yeah the idea that a bunch of grown ups would un-learn how to speak in like… 3 years whilst living like stig of the dump is laughable (/infuriating)


Me a fan too, me a fan :smile:


Bit of a threads rip off.

Quite liked that episode tbf.

Rick will be using his bad arm to slap a zombie within 5 mins of the next episode starting.