The walking dead


He got a nail in his hand and then climbed up a fucking rope just three minitues later man.


Why don’t the stig of the dump lads make up an army of spiky armoured zombies and just fucking set em loose on the saviours?


I know, I know. It’s just such easy Monday night telly. I wear blind every week i’ll stop… but I don’t.


Apologies, was trying emulate the Stig of the dump style chat but instead the post just came across as a bit creepy.


I knew what you were doing and I appreciated the effort


I might set up a support group for people who think they can’t quit this show.


Haha, thanks!


What are they, made of spikes?


I don’t know where they managed to find that spiky jacket and helmet in fairness, never seen one of them in the real world


They’re metal workers you fucking idiot! Did you think the clangers had left that iron chicken there?


This show is so goofy. It’s always been a little silly, but it’s really stepped it up a notch. My guess is the next episode will halt the show’s upward curve in quality by having a lot of Negan in it.

How many more “secret” communities will the characters find a half day ride from Alexandria?


Oh yeah so I feel I missed something. Why was the Wire priest nicking all the stuff from Alexandria?


Hi Lonzy, just wanted to check that you knew I was joking here and that this is a double wolfcastleing?


Let’s move on from this and concentrate on why the wire priest was nicking everything.


I’ve moved on but I can’t help you with this as I haven’t really been paying attention


I’m not sure there is a reason. I think they just needed him to be caught by the Stiglers so he did it for that reason.


It’s as good a reason as any isn’t it


Oh maybe he was legit kidandfoodnapped, having had a look. Thought his story was testicles but maybe not.


Up to where Beth and Daryl burn down the house and Daryl has a bit of a drunken breakdown.

Good coupling them two. I love Daryl.


Did you notice when Gabriel pulls away in his car from Alexandria, a hooded figure sits up in the seat next to him?