The walking dead


No but a website I looked at earlier did.


(spoilers for the newest episode)

…what’s with those people who say there’s no essential moral difference between Negan and Rick? he throws someone into an open fire in this episode ffs


what the fuck was that? i must’ve spent 50 fucking hours of my life watching this fucking show and that was the worst one yet. i can’t believe i stick with it. god i hate myself


Nothing much more to add.


Isn’t this the whole point of the show - how human morality is just a fragile facade? Rick killed all the cannibals in the church for instance, when they’d surrendered. Negan killed 1 (2 after being aggravated) of a group to send a message. Although hes a right cunt, hes still letting people live. Rick would have killed all the saviors if he could. Doesn’t make one better or worse, just…different.


It was fine


i’m enjoying this season tbh tbf imo, it’s obviously ridiculous and the characters still make silly decisions but i’m just pleased there’s a long term antagonist that hasn’t been killed off after a three episodes


Now is not the time to slip into cod-italian


Absolute facking state of that deer :grinning:


Looked like a 5 year old was put in charge of the CGI machine


This episode is duuullllll. And there’s still 10 mins to go apparently.


This fucking weird speech thing, though. Makes Yoda less irritating seem.


yeah stopped paying attention after the obvious fake out and i missed most of the …thing




Yes, saw that clip in full earlier.


the whole opening sequence with Rick and Michonne was just beyond ridiculous - hunting zombos, banging in the back of the van, repeat. ‘We really need some batteries’ ‘Oh look! there’s a box with ‘Batteries’ written on it!!’

and those weird talkers again at the end, just had enough of this shit!


was this an attempt at comedy? really thought the rick and michonne rollicking round visiting the funfair was a feeble attempt at light heartedness. why did he keep going on about having more days?

genuinely didn’t recognise the deer, had to rewind it twice to see what was going on

oh, the talky people


I thought it was because he doesn’t really want to go and be leader. He’s tasted freedom and likes it.

They are deffo going to go and ruin the women’s group lives


how many people are left in Alexandra anyway (I mean the kind of people that can’t survive out in Zombieland for more than half an hour)?

Now Daryl is back they should just wander off and find somewhere else a distance away from the Savior’s patch.

Rick and Mishone were talking like - “lots of us are definitely going to die fighting the Saviors” but they don’t even discuss option c (maybe they did, I was only half paying attention due to how boring the episode was)


Strange episode that. Really felt like filler, even more so than a lot of the walking dead.

The show wants you to care about the characters and their internal/external drama, but then it shows you their deaths in overly gratuitous fashion as though you’re supposed to enjoy the violence and get off on the characters you care about dying, and in this episode the show also asks you to get on board rick and michonne’s banter bus, meaning that there was absolutely zero tension to any of the fight scenes. None of it works all that well.

It isn’t so much that the walking dead struggles to do tonal shifts, it’s that it just has no real sense of what tone even is.

Also they’ve ballsed up Rosita’s character. She’s fast becoming the most irritating screen presence. And lol at the thought Sasha is going to be the one “taking the shot”. We all know that not only will Negan live for at least another season, she won’t be the one to kill him.